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Category:RuneScape Private Servers, RSPS
Site Name:Dystopia
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Site URL:http://www.dystopia639.com
Date Signed Up:2013-03-09
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Welcome, This is dystopia639!
The ultimate private server, This is a spawn/eco server.

Do you want to just login on a server and pk instantly? well not to worry! Here is the server just for you! All you do is login with a random username and password and instantly player kill, earn player killing point to earn stronger weapons and armor!

We having unsafe and safe pk, donatorzone with unlimited special. Thieving to get money and all other skills work! Donate for special items such as party hats and be the richest player in-game!

Come join us here at http://www.dystopia639.com !
Why not play straight away?
Here\'s our webclient http://www.dystopa639.com/webclient/webclient.html

We hope to see you all in-game, Luminosity-pk!


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