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Date Signed Up:2013-03-06
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Description:Chronicle: High Five

Exp: x20

Party Exp: x1.2

SP: x10

Party Sp: x10

Adena: x10

Drop Spoil: x10

Raid Drop: x1

Weight Limit: x3

* The Lineage II Crack server in every major city has one Reward Shop, which changes the Glittering Event medals won in events or obtained in the same Vote Reward of the page from the server.

* It also has a shop Reward installed in every major city in which you can buy items Goddes of Destruction, they are bought with the coin of luck obtained in Reward Change.

* It has been integrated an event engine called Phoenix Engine, it is configured so that there will be events every 30 minutes to register the NPC is in the center of Giran

* This server has no class Sub cumulative, that way the gameplay Lineage II Crack Server becomes more interesting as it requires a better understanding of the personage who is believed ested

* The server is Auto Learn Skill

* The sub class can be learned automatically without having to go to the Grand Master Correspondent

* Duration buff: 20 minutes

* Dances and song duration: 10 minutes

Get on our server, enjoy and have fun as you never miss

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