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Site Name:Lost Redemption - The Redemption of a Lifetime - 7
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Site URL:http://lostredemption.com
Date Signed Up:2013-03-05
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Description:Lost Redemption is a brand new RuneScape Private Server, filled with the NEWEST items around such as the Saradomin\'s Whisper, Saradomin\'s Murmur, and much much more! You can experience this brand new server by downloading the client [URL=http://lostredemption.com/LRLauncher.jar]HERE[/URL]. Otherwise, you can use our [URL=\"http://lostredemption.com/LRWebclient.html\"]WEBCLIENT[/URL]! I really hope you enjoy your play at Lost Redemption and to see you in game!

Thank you!

Check out our [URL=\"http://lostredemption.com/forumdisplay.php?50-Server-Updates\"]Updates Log[/URL]!

[URL=http://lostredemption.com/LRLauncher.jar]DESKTOP CLIENT[/URL]


~VPS Hosted [B][COLOR=\"#FF0000\"]24/7[/COLOR][/B]
~Double xp weekends
~Double drop rates weekends
~Vote Point System
~Vote Points Shop
~Active Players
~Very Friendly & Active Community
~Daily/Weekly Updates
~Excellent & Stable Economy
~Recipe for Disaster
~Polypore Dungeon (Ganodermics included)
~99.9% Working Money Pouch
~Perfected Pking
~King Black Dragon
~Queen Black Dragon
~Fully functioning Fight Caves
~Fully functioning Fight Kiln
~Updated Godwards Dungeon bosses
~Corporeal Beast
~Tormented Demons
~Dominion Tower
~Duel Arena
~Donator Zone
~Flower Game
~All Prayers Working (Curses included)
~All updated amour
~Lots of skilling
~Loyalty Program (with aura shop)
~An owner that actually CARES about the players :)
~Much, much more!

**More Screenshots Coming Soon!


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