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Date Signed Up:2013-02-18
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Description:Were glad to say, that we have officially opened up to the world to play. This will be the last server you will have to find to play, I can promis you that . If you like PKing, bossing, hanging with friends and playing rsps with friends, this is the rsps for you. If it isnt, check out our wonderful features we try to tend to our players needs and not that of our own. We love to hear from our players to make the server better.

Main Features:

-100% uptime with a lot of updates right now due to me still fixing everything to the way the players would like them.
- Daily community events and updates
- Will be moving to a STRONG Dedicated Server
- Pk, Skilling, Minigame, eco & Boss server
- All working Prayers
- Reward Shops, for Pking, Skilling, Voting, Slayer.
- Full Hunting Skill
- Dont miss out on the action, register your account today.
- New Items that have never been seen in any RSPS
- Flame whip
- Boogie Bow
- Razor whip
- Death cape
- Many many more!

Come check us out asap!


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