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Date Signed Up:2013-02-11
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Description:Welcome to OTS Sword of Souls - the new generation wotlk progress server!

Sword of Souls is a new made Wotlk Server with the main goal to offer you gradual blizzlike content release, along with custom improvements for better gameplay. Join us now and fight along with other people for the realm first raid titles or the gladiator titles!!!

Xp: 1-20x [free to choose]
Honour: 3x
Reputation: 3x
Profession: 6x
Drop: 2x [Rare/Epic Drop 1x]
Gold: 1x

We wont offer you Pandas and pet fights, but we got some innovations which you are gonna like for sure! Also you cant donate BiS gear, as we are not a pay2win server!

Blizzlike Features:

- Recruit a Friend
- Gradual Content release
- Blizzlike PvP Rewards
- Working Dungeon Finder
- Scripted Dungeons and Raids

Custom Features:

- Crossfaction Battlegrounds
- Arena Spectate
- Custom Bosses
- Events & Tournaments
- Transmog & custom transmog templates
- and much more stuff


The whole Wotlk Raid & Dungeon Content is scripted and ready to raid, but as we are opening the content gradual, you have to master the current content, and then we are gonna open the next Tier Raids and Arena Season. We are starting with Tier 7 / Season 5. As the content is known by the majority of players, we have decided to script some custom bosses, which wont be explained, so the best among you have the chance to proof them self worthy and slay those bosses.

Tier 7 & Season 5:

Obsidian Sanctum
Vault of Archavon
Eye of Eternity

Gorath and Taroth

As soon the current content gets \"cleaned\", we will introduce Ulduar, Vault of Archavon 2nd Boss, and new custom Bosses to you.

See you in the \"new\" Wotlk World on Swords of the Souls !


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