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Description:Welcome to the year 2248, where seven explorers set out to traverse World 4-K63, Halloran. They were sent by The Kingdom to find a new land to colonize. With dwindling resources and few places for their people to live, they're in a rush to expand. Not much is known of their origin, the seven explorers' homeland, only that it is slowly being over-populated and a lack of land and resources are bringing it to it's end.

A few years after the explorers settled on Halloran, The Kingdom sent out dropships to help them with the expedition and to assist with building up a new nation.

The Kingdom is calling out to all who wish to join their story on occupying Halloran.

There are 12 skills to build up your ranking among players who have also joined the expedition to start over.

With the fallout happening on the homeland the explorers are setting up guilds on Halloran and are looking for brave souls to do their quests, help fight their battles against creatures and travel through the towns to collect resources to become the strongest of the guilds.

How will your Chronicle unfold during the fallout? Will you survive the Fallout Chronicle?


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