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Date Signed Up:2013-01-22
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Description:Welcome To Virtus

What We Promise you
1. Down Time is not our friend, we promise to be online 24/7.
2.We will bring the best game play for you and service, we know you could play anything else. Thanks for playing Virtus.
3. Our staff will personally handle the problems you have until they are resolved.
4. We will bring updates that matter, and always give a reason to play.
5. We will focus on the community, that\'s you, and make sure you are happy individually.

What Makes Us Different
We have Custom Quests, such as our Queen Quest.
We have custom bosses to kill for special items.
We Have FULLY Working armour/weapon skins for all players.
Our staff will provide premier service
We have many more features to explore in game

Thanks for Choosing Virtus!


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