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Date Signed Up:2013-01-20
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Description:Server Features
You need to download L2 Blood Omen to create and provide access to your account.

The donation is the way of showing your appreciation for our hard work and therefore is not mandatory.

All of the accounts/characters/items and other such information is our property and there for belongs to us.

Read and agree download !

•Basic Information:
No Clan Penalty
Geodata and Pathnode Protected World!
Auto-Learn Skills
Balanced Classes
Wedding System
Clan Hall System
No Clan Penalty
Castle Siege System
No Weight Penalty
No Grade Penalty
Sub-Class System
Noblesse System
Hero System
Duel System
Augmentation System
All Noblesse Skills
All Hero Skills
All Augmentation Skills
Retail-Like Enchant Skills System
Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 1 Hours
C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
Interlude Skills 99% Working
All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah
Escape Skill ( Unstuck )
Summon Gold Bar Skill
Custom Teleport Commands
Custom Farm Commands
Custom Events
Starting with Noble Item ( Double click and make you Noblesse )
20 PvP's Killing spree make you War Legend ( Hero aura )
Starting Mobs ( Lvl1 ) 1 Kill = 80 Level
All Towns Have Full NPC
Custom Boss ( Announce on Boss Respawn )
Vote Reward System

•Server Rates:

Exp: x5000
SP: x5000
Drop: x10
Spoil: x5000
Adena: x5000
Lifestone Top Grade: 30% Success
Lifestone Mid Grade: 100% Success Vote Item
Safe Enchant: +5
Max Enchant: +20

Normal Scroll: 75%
Blessed Scroll: 100%


Custom Gatekeepers
GM Shop
Custom Shop
Custom Mobs
Skill Enchanter
Castle Messenger
PvP/PK Rank
Olympiad Rank
Symbol Manager
Wedding Manager
Server Info
Clan Hall Manager
Clan Manager
Olympiad Manager
Sub Class Changers
Olympiad Rank
Clan Improver
Vote Manager
Class Manager

•Custom Items

Moirai Armors
Icarus Weapons
Vesper Weapons
Vorpal Armors
RB Jewels
Tattoo of Mage
Tattoo of Fighter

•Custom Farm Items

Torch - Vote items
Heart Stone - Rare items
Atena - Easy farm items
Adena - Misc easy
Goldbars - Misc easy farm


TvT " Team Vs Team
CTF " Capture The Flag "
Fragment Event

•Voice Commands:

tvtJoin .tvtleave - Join or leave ctf event
.ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event
.online - current online players count
.withdraw - exchange your Goldbars and Take Adena
.deposit - exchange your Adenas and take Goldbars
.farm1 - Teleport to farm 1
.pvp1 - Teleport to pvp zone 1
.farm2 - Teleport to farm 2
.pvp2 - Teleport to pvp zone 2

•Olympiad Game

Retail olympiad game
Competition period 1 week
Hero Every Sunday 12:00
Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00

•Server Protections

Lumbot Protection
Bot Protection
DDOS Protection Updated Firewall
Walker Protection
PHX Protection
Aplex Protection
Hlapex Protection


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