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Description:DevinShire 724 is VPS Hosted

SkyEvolution is a brand new server, we are dedicated to bringing the best enjoyment to all of our players.

We are VPS hosted so that means 24/7 uptime, once you\'re here there is no need to leave.

If you have a problem on SkyEvolution, don\'t worry. A member of staff will be

there to help you 100% along the way, regardless of your issue.

(Everybody has the chance to become a member of staff here.)

We also have tons and tons of features that include various different bosses, minigames, shops and much much more.

The only way you will know how good SkyEvo is, is by becoming part of this amazing experience.

Jump in now and experience more than just a private server.

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Some of our excellent features

All skills working

Slayer tasks and rewards

Squeal of Fortune

All Dominion Glove Specials

Full Godwars Dungeon

King Black Dragon

New Saradomin Amulets

Revenants and Glacors.

loyalty program with loyalty shop.

Custom Teleport tab, Skills teleports, monster teleports, minigame teleports all in one place.

PVP System with a PVP shop.

A complete customised Ganodermic shop.

Tormented Demons

100% Working QBD

100% Working Nex

100% Working Godwars Dungeon

Dominion Tower


Completionist Cape Requirments

Just try our server! we paid 218$ for it beeing 24/7


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