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Site Name:Verinia 317/718 - Amazingly Original
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Date Signed Up:2012-11-18
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Prestige a Single Skill, all Combat Skills or All Skills
Amazing Prestige Rewards (Double exp, Increased drop rates, etc)
Amazing Team Zombie Minigame
Fully working Zombie mini Perks
Fully working Zombie Monkey Bombs
Fully working dungeoneering
Fully working team dungeoneering
Working living rock caverns with working living mineral mining
Co-Op Slayer (Level slayer together with others!)
Amazing Slayer rewards (Boxing Gloves,Charged Helmets,etc)
Amazing donator ranks and options
All Nex Armour Sets
Elite Torva
New Holy/Demonic Armour
Original Bank Tabs
Working Korasi
Working Royal crossbow
24 hour Voting with awesome rewards
All Chaotic Weapons
Realistic Skilling
Active and clean forums
Fully working Global Auction System
Global Point System
Gain cash for every non-combat skill level
Rocktail fishing and cooking
Fully working jewlery and bolt enchantment
Fully working rune essence pouches
Resizeable Client Window
Fully working Quick Prayers
Fully working private message color changer
Fully working max cape with emote
Weekly content additions and bug fixes
Cash Storage system (Can hold over 100b)
Fully working bank pin system
Starter Achievements to get new players familiar
Automatic donations


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