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Description:Knights and Fights is a massively multiplayer role playing game with all the features you have come to expect and many that you don't, just delivered in a low-bandwidth, play-at-work fashion on the Web. It's set in the world of Daend where there is no magic, psions are persecuted, scholars are revered, and the three kingdoms (Agon, Sush and Lionicon) are barely avoiding open war.

How are we different?

- The real-time, environment cycle is a constant clock that keeps turning whether you're logged in or not, compliments the asynchronous turn-based nature of the gameplay.

- You can craft any item and research any skill -- literally, anything you want.

- The concept of skill wagers opens an entirely new, non-lethal PVE and PVP method of gameplay. You can earn money as well as increase your skills without any combat at all.

- Infinite dynamic quests populate a skill-based world with hundreds of monsters and NPCs to interact with.


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