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Category:RuneScape Private Servers, RSPS
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Date Signed Up:2011-08-14
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Runescape private servers come and go, but Zarpor stays strong. Live since May of 2011, Zarpor has been led by a team of talented staff members who do everything they can to ensure the server thrives. Zarpor has always taken pride in its loyal and supportive community and looks to them often for ideas on how to make the server they love even better. Zarpor has a plentiful of options to both challenge and entertain you. Bosses like Godwars and Nex, Bork, Revenant Dungeon, Coproal Beast and many more. All skills up to Summoning are full and functional - Max them and achieve the Completionist Cape. We have Castle Wars, Duel Arena and even a Zombies mini game if youre looking for something new. Our forums are run with vBulltin and each player may achieve unique forum ranks through their continued support of the server. If youre looking for more than your average server, if youre looking for a place to find new friends and tackle big challenges - then Zarpor is for you. Join our family today.


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