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Top 10 Political Scandals

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-19
Politicans and scandals seem to go hand in hand. Every country with politicians (which is, oh all the countries around the world) will definitely have scandals. Some are downright ugly. Some even damage the country or its economy. No, we are not talking about sex scandals, but real bad stuffs from political moves. Recently, Todd Akins of Republican Party gave very bad remark about rape, and it sparks a whole series of similar remarks that Republicans made in the past to blow up. Yeah, those kind of juicy stories are never boring! We have gathered top 10 for your pleasure.

10 Teapot Dome Scandal

Item 10

Among the history of American politics, Teapot Dome Scandal erupted during the time of President Warren G. Harding. It started out as a simple case of complex bribery. U.S Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, was accused for $400,000 bribery from some big players in oil industry. Fall reassigned the Teapot Dome, which is an oil reserve in Wyoming, to Edward Doheny and Harry Sinclair. Teapot Dome was once under control of U.S. Navy Petro. When the scandal exploded, Fall was found guilty after investigation and was sentenced to one year in prison with $100,000 fine. The President was criticized harshly for his ineffectiveness in monitoring his cabinet. More info on Wikipedia

9 Spiro Agnew Scandal

Item 9

This guy, Spiro Agnew, is the only Vice President in American history that had to resign because of criminal charges. Yes, not any other scandals. Criminal charges. He plotted major financial irregularities during his tenure. He was in fact considered as one of the most potent candidate for Presidency in the upcoming elections at that time. He had to repay $268,482 to the residents Maryland, which he was taken in bribe, after his resignation. In 1980, he disclosed to public that President Nixon had a plan to kill him if he wouldn't step down from the Vice President post. More info

8 Wilbur Mills

Item 8

Mills was a former Harvard student of constitutional law and renowned member of the U.S House of Representatives. And guess what? He had an open relationship with an Argentinian stripper named Fanne Foxe. In fact, this scandal was one of the steepest falls in the history of United States congress. Married and dedicated husband for 40 years, Mills was caught with his hands on the shoulder of Fanne Foxe at Boston's Pilgrim Theater. In another case, Mills was caught extremely intoxicated while driving and stopped by U.S. Park Police, and Foxe was trying to escape from it. He had to later withdraw himself from the mainstream of politics. More info on Wikipedia

7 Anwar Ibrahim

Item 7

Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysia's opposition leader and he has been battling court case about sodomy, since 2000. He was first sentenced to prison in 2000 by a Malaysian court. Ibrahim was a strong critic of Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad although he had close ties with the leader early on in his political career. He was arrested for corruption and sentenced to six years in prison in 1999, then next year he was sentenced to nine years for sodomy. In 2004, the second conviction was overturned and he was released from prison, but then he was arrested again in 2008 for another sodomy case of a 25-year-old male aide. Sodomy is illegal in Malaysia even for consensual sex. More info on Wikipedia

6 John Edwards

Item 6

It is not a sex scandal and John Edwards' affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter only blow up after he left the race of presidency in 2008. He also had a child with her. But then, that scandal was nothing and it didn't affect his political career. What happened was that he had expensive haircuts. Like, $400, or $1,250? Edwards even flew his stylist to Atlanta from Beverly Hills to get haircuts. And, wait for it, those were paid for by his presidential campaign. Search in YouTube for a song, "I Feel Pretty John Edwards", it's a spoof showing Edwards combing his locks to the song, "I Feel Pretty". More info on Wikipedia

5 South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Item 5

Mark Sanford didn't tell his office entourage nor officially transfer the Governor's power to the Lieutenant Governor before he left to Argentina, and he actually pretended like he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Because of that, he effectively left the state unprotected since he lied about his whereabouts and also didn't officially transfer the power. Sanford's security agents even didn't know where he is, nor the Lieutenant Governor Andrew Bauer. It left the state of Illinois in danger. The trip to Argentina was supposed to end his five-year affair with a woman there, but he openly stated about it when interviewed by Politico.com. His wife of 20 years was aware of his affair just before he left to Argentina, and the family was trying to pull back together the pieces for at least five months prior to that. More info on Wikipedia

4 New York Governor Eliot Spitzer

Item 4

This one is a juicy sex scandal, as Eliot Spitzor really enjooyed hookers and paid them handsomely. He was "Client 9" at the now defunct Emperors Club VIP, which is an escort agency. He spends upwards of $80,000 on the hookers he likes, especially on his favourite, Alexandra Dupré, who goes by the stage name of Kristen. Even Law & Order used the scandal for an episode as it was so juicy. Spitzer had to resign, and Dupré got offers from Penthouse and Hustler to do shoots with them. Yeah, it's great for a girl to involve in such scandals, we guess! Oh and that's not the best part. David Paterson, who is the replacement of Spitzer, admitted of having an affair just one day after taking his office. How ironic. More info on Wikipedia

3 Chappaquiddick Scandal

Item 3

Related to the mystical death of Mary Jo Kopechne, an American political campaign specialist, whose body was discovered underwater on July 18, 1969 in a tidal channel on Chappaquiddick island. Her body was inside an "Oldsmobile Delmont 88" which was driven by Edward M. Kennedy. Yes, if you made the connection, he is younger brother of John F. Kennedy. Until now, no one really knows how Edward extricated himself from the car or what really happened as the dominant political family severely influenced the investigation. The incident created an international fuss and get some mainstream media attention but Kennedy actually survived the scandal and he only received a suspended sentence for two months. How is that for American's judgement system? More info on Wikipedia

2 The Iran-Contra Scandal

Item 2

This is one of the most shameful scandals in political history, and no we are not talking about more juicy sex scandals. Basically, during the Ronald Reagan's administration, President Reagan and other high ranking officials of U.S administration crushed the U.S. policies on arms embargo, then went on to secretly mastermind the sale of arms which include some really sophisticated anti-tank missles to Iran. A Lebanese newspaper exposed this whole plan after a massive investigation. Many high profile bigshots of Reagan's administration were sentenced to prison and the popularity of President Reagan was slumped too. More info on Wikipedia

1 Watergate Scandal

Item 1

This is perhaps one of the most popular political scandal. It tarnished the presidency and political age of Richard Nixon, and revealed countless abuses of power and dirty tricks of Richard Nixon and his officials. Five men were arrested on June 17, 1972, for burgling in the national HQ of the Democratic National Committee, which is located at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. Those burglars were found connected to the 1972 Committee to Re-elect the president. Then it was revealed later that the plan was orchestrated by the president's staff. This generated a massive distrust of Nixon's administration and Richard Nixon became the first and only U.S president to resign. More info on Wikipedia

Ten juicy political scandals. Ten different politicians making mistakes they shouldn't have done. Ten massive impacts on the people around them, the administration they are in, and in some cases, the economy as a whole. It is scary when power is in the hand of wrong people. But then, such scandals are endless. Like Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite. Universe and human's stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former".

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