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Top 10 Rum Based Drinks

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-18
Rum is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages distilled and extracted from the sugar plant. There are three types of rum: light, dark and golden. It is used in various cocktails as an alcoholic ingredient. Below are the top 10 rum based drinks preferred all around the world:

10 Tom and Jerry:

Item 10

A Christmas drink consisting of eggnog, brandy and rum; Tom and Jerry is served warm and hot. To make the drink thicker and frothy, milk is added to the preparation. Kids get to drink this without alcohol content and for the adults, rum is added. This winter cocktail requires a little attention to make but is easy to prepare. The drink is served in a mug or bowl usually during winters. More info

9 Mojito:

Item 9

A cocktail originating from Cuba, Mojito consists of white rum, sugar, lime water, soda water and mint. This cocktail is a popular drink with low content of alcohol and sweetness of the mint flavour. Mojito is served in a Collins glass poured over ice with standard garnish as sprig of mint which adds to the taste of the cocktail. There are many variation of Mojito in which 1 ingredient is substituted for another. A virgin mojito or a sohito is a mojito cocktail without any alcohol content. There are other fruit flavoured drinks which include mango or strawberry syrup to add taste to the drink. More info

8 Pina Colada:

Item 8

A tropical drink which consists of coconut cream, pineapple juice and white rum. It is quite popular as a summer drink. Invented in 1950’s, the drink can be made without any alcohol content too. It is usually served in a goblet in a frozen style. A pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry are the standard decorator for the drink. Again, there are various variations of the drink with different proportion of the ingredients. More info

7 Mai-Tai:

Item 7

Invented during the 1940’s, the Mai-Tai consists of dark rum, curacao syrup and fresh lime juice. The cocktail became so popular as a spring/summer drink during the 1950s and the 1960s that bartenders across the world started inventing their own version of cocktail using different ingredients. The drink is served on the rocks poured over ice in a highball glass. A pineapple or a lime peel is accompanied with the drink as decorative items. More info

6 Cuba Liber:

Item 6

Cuba Liber is the second most popular drink in the world. It means Free Cuba in English and became popular at the end of the Spanish American War. Made of cola, lime, and white rum; the cocktail is similar to coke-rum except for the addition of lime in the former drink. It is one of the easiest drinks to make. One just needs to add rum into an ice-filled highball glass followed by cola and a lime juice. The Cuba Liber is served on the rocks, poured over ice in a highball glass. A lime wedge is a standard garnish for Cuba Liber. More info

5 Dark N Stormy:

Item 5

Consisting of main ingredients like dark rum and ginger beer over ice, this cocktail is popular in the British countries. In fact, it is sometimes called as Bermuda’s National drink. Some bartenders add lime juice to the drink to make it sweeter. Another simple drink to make, it is a popular drink usually consumed during the summers. There are many variations to the drink. In case of absence of ginger beer, simple beer is used to make the drink. The serving style of the drink is on the rocks poured over the ice in a highball glass. A lime wedge may or may not be used as the garnish. More info

4 Planter’s Punch:

Item 4

Made of dark rum, grenadine, pineapple/apple juice and club soda, the origin of this drink vary from place to place. Invented in the 18th century, Planter’s Punch became popular during the 1900s. It is a strong drink but the fruit flavors make it a little sweeter. Recipes differ from bartender to bartender. Pineapple/apple is sometimes substituted for lime juice; rum can be light, dark or gold. Sometimes all three are used in a single drink. Served in a highball glass, a maraschino cherry is the optional garnish of this cocktail. More info

3 Flaming Dr. Pepper:

Item 3

A flaming cocktail made of amaretto, rum and beer; this cocktail was invented during the 1960s. The preparation of this drink is a little complex as it requires perfect measurements of different ingredients. After pouring ¾ amaretto and rum in a shot glass, the glass is ignited after which beer is added to extinguish the fire. The drinker has to quickly consume the drink after this. This cocktail tastes like a soft drink by the name of Dr. Pepper but Dr. Pepper is not an ingredient of the cocktail. More info on Wikipedia

2 Daiquiri:

Item 2

Popular since 1940’s, the contents of a traditional daiquiri include rum, sugar syrup and lime. The drink is named after a village in Cuba with the same name. A simple daiquiri is made by adding sugar syrup in a glass followed by lemon juice and light rum. There are different variations of a daiquiri. It is usually served straight up without ice in a cocktail glass. The standard garnish accompanying the drink is a slice of a half lime. More info

1 Bacardi:

Item 1

Consisting of light rum, grenadine and lime juice, Bacardi originated in the US. It is many times confused with daiquiri due to similar ingredients. It is usually served before dinner. The drink is served in a cocktail glass with lime as a standard garnish for the drink. It has varied recipes by different bartenders around the world. More info

There are various other drinks which use rum as alcoholic base. Apart from drinks, Rum is also used as a flavoring agent in many dishes.

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