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Top 10 Funny YouTube Videos

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-17
There is nothing like a good laugh. Some say it is the best medicine. There is no better way to unwind after a long tiring day than with a good laugh. Before YouTube, funny emails doing rounds used to crack us up at the office. The advent of video sharing has taken this up a notch to a whole other level though. There is lots of funny stuff on YouTube. Some videos are deliberate attempts to make people work (though these rarely work) while others are events that occur in a person’s everyday life that can get you doubling over in laughter. The following is a list of what have to be, no doubt, the funniest videos doing the rounds on YouTube. Having a slow day and you feel sad and low? Just a few seconds watching these videos and you will see that, the world is a much brighter place!

10 Numa Numa

Item 10

With over 30 million views, it appears other YouTube users agree that it is just absolutely fascinating to watch Gary Brolsma dancing as he lip synced to a his new breed of pop music. It may have been a break out performance, but it certainly made him a star. This homemade web cam performance will keep you thoroughly entertained. They say it is not over ‘till the fat lady sings? Try the fat man! What makes it more hilarious is that he somehow managed to keep a straight face throughout the performance, bravo Gary!

9 Star wars kid

Item 9

There are many videos on the net of people acting out their favorite ‘Star Wars’ scene, but this video is in its own class. The heartfelt Jedi moves by this kid will certainly leave you chuckling; he looks like he is fumbling on a ballet dance more than fighting! The video inspired many other remixes as well, including one that adds extra glowing light saber effects, but the original remains a favorite. Strangely, though, the kid claims the video ruined his life, you would have thought he would be happy at the thought that he had made someone’s day!

8 Evolution of Dance- By Judson Laipply

Item 8

If you have not watched this then you had better go out and do it. This video promises 6 minutes of pure, rib cracking entertainment! Judson Laipply’s narration of the evolution of dance will have you fascinated by just how good he can actually dance, that is, those few moments when you will not be rolling over with laughter. It just might be the thing that makes this video so funny is the fact that there was a time the moves he was show casing were the in thing, and to imagine your grandpa busting those moves will have you gasping for air! Of the YouTube videos that hit the 100million mark this is one of them.

7 William Hung – She Bangs

Item 7

There is bad singing, and then there is hilarious bad singing. This video falls in the latter category. William Hung’s rendition of Ricky martin’s She Bangs melted the hearts (and ears and eyes!) of the audience in American Idol and made him an instant star. Accredited with being the original ‘terrible American Idol singer’, all other terrible singers after him can only hope to gain the level of fame that he did! This is a 'must watch'.

6 Charlie bit my finger-again!

Item 6

This is as adorable as it is hilarious! The elder brother is playing with Charlie, a toddler. He puts his finger around Charlie’s mouth, probably knowing he is going to bite it, but he certainly did not expect it to be that painful! You can see the look of horror on his face as he realizes that he has gotten more than he bargained for and Charlie is not letting go! The climax of the humor is when Charlie does let go, and the brother in a British accent goes like ‘that really hurts Charlie!’ Charlie, of course, being his good-natured self, simply chuckles.

5 Twin Babies talking

Item 5

Two babies are standing in the kitchen, conversing. In this home video, they are actually engrossed in a very deep conversation as it appears, and they talk for quite some time. That should get a couple of smiles from you. It attracted a whole lot of attention on the language the twins use. That is not the reason why this video is listed here though, oh no. Add the sub titles and you will be cracking up, too funny!

4 Emerson-Mommy’s nose is scary

Item 4

Babies are funny, no wonder baby videos will always rule the day in funny YouTube videos. This one is no exception. We have baby Emerson sitting peacefully on his high chair. His mom goes a distance away and blows her nose and that is where the laughter begins! The baby is terrified and it is evident on his face, but as soon as the mom stops blowing her nose, he laughs. This stop start routine happens many times and you are sure to laugh each time, babies are so silly at the same time adorable!

3 Crazy Frog Bros (Original)

Item 3

There have been many versions of this video, but you have to credit the original creators of this crazy dance video for coming up with an idea that has left viewers all across the world laughing. Keep an eye on the nerdy brother at the back. He is a comic genius! The awkward body movements make it appear as if he is performing some strange occult ritual other than anything else he might be doing. The punk little brother just wraps up the whole performance beautifully. Warning: you will be tempted to copy those moves!

2 Korean drummer rocks out

Item 2

This is one of the absolute best. Focus not on the lovely singer but on the drummer behind her. He must be high on some very addictive substance or is living out his dream of being a punk rock drummer, whichever the case you will die laughing! Watch out for him especially at the 3.01-minute mark, and then he really gets his rock groove on! The funniest thing is all the other instrumentalists go on as if nothing strange is happening and the lovely singer is completely oblivious of what is going on behind her. This is agreeably a true classic.

1 Ken Lee or Without You by Mariah Carey

Item 1

Once again, here is another tearjerker. Who would have thought English is that hard of a language to learn! This video features a woman who entered the Bulgarian version of American Idol. She purports to sing “Without You” by Mariah Carey, but the only problem is that she has made up all the words!

Prepare to have your ribs cracked as she sings Ken Lee (read Without You). The judges were struggling to keep a straight face themselves! She did gain fame at least, she became such a favorite at the show that since then she has been called many times to grace the show and sing her version of the song.

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