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Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Videos 2012

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-14
Very few brand names are synonymous with the product they represent. Google, TiVo and Velcro are a few of the brands that have somehow managed this feat. When it comes to online videos, YouTube holds this title. You have to admit that it is quite hard to think of online videos without having YouTube popping up in your mind. Modern dictionaries agree as well, YouTube has been recognized as a word that requires definition. Seeing, as YouTube is so popular for online videos, it only makes sense then that the videos that are most popular on it are the most popular videos, period. This means if you have any interest in gauging the popularity of any video all you have to do is find out its ratings on YouTube. This is calculated in a very simple way. Every time someone watches a video on YouTube, the system registers it as one view, and this is displayed at the bottom of the video. The more the views, the more popular the video is basically. So which are the most popular videos this year? Here are the ten most viewed videos in 2012.

10 Justin Bieber-Baby Ft Ludacris

Item 10

As strange a phenomenon as this might be, somehow the most hated video on YouTube is also the most watched. It is hard to understand why. Maybe the viewers are so repulsed that they just have to go back and ensure that it really is that bad. Or simply there are more and more curious fellows going to check out what is so terrible in the video to have it so hated. Whichever the reason behind it, the fact still remains that Justin Bieber is officially the king of YouTube with 764,156,852 views under his belt. Pretty impressive, whichever way you look at it!

9 Jennifer Lopez-On The Floor ft Pitbull

Item 9

This video has gotten over 500 million view in less than half a year and it is holding the position of second most watched video of all time on YouTube quite strongly. The upbeat song, wild dancing and J-Lo’s fabulous physique considering she gave birth to twins might give some clues as to why the video is just so popular! Raking in 574,027,966 views, jenny from the block appears to have done a lot of growing. This is hands down a winner with the YouTube viewers.

8 Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

Item 8

This is by far the best-received theme song for World Cup in terms of digital sales of the music. It has sold over four million copies around the world. The song with an upbeat tune featuring the African band freshlyground, apparently caught the hearts of many. The video directed by Marcus Raboy features famous football scenes in between wild celebratory dancing. It is a pleasure to watch and the 484,831,235 views it boasts confirms it.

7 Bad Romance-Lady Gaga

Item 7

When she is not dressing in meat for the MTV music awards, it appears this eccentric singer is creating very weird videos, which the people love! Bad romance, featuring scenes of the singer being handled roughly by ‘nurses’ in an all white room has drawn a lot of people to watch it over and over again, hence giving the video fourth position in most viewed videos of 2012. The video has so far had an incredible 479,683,898 views. It appears Lady GaGa’s crazy antics have won her a place in the hearts of YouTube viewers.

6 Eminem-Love The Way You Lie ft Rihanna

Item 6

The song was a hit, and the video an even greater one. With 480,959,339 views, it has by far surpassed that desired 100million viewer mark. Watching it, it is not that hard to understand why. It features beautiful acting that goes along so well with the lyrics. Beyond that though, people just love Rihanna and Eminem quite frankly, thus a video that features the two of them is certainly going to make a killing.

5 Charlie bit my finger-again!

Item 5

The only non-music video that has made it to this top 10 list, this video won a place in everyone’s heart and they just cannot get enough of it! It is so adorable, the look of horror on the older brother’s face as he realizes his little brother’s bite is far worse than he thought and the way he sums it all up at the end in his cute British accent and a little smile, “Charlie bit me!”. The video has actually made quite a bit of profit for the two boys now aged four and six. Their parents reveal that there are plans for a book. Fingers crossed on whether the book will be able to do as well as the 469,433,652 views the video has gotten.

4 LFMAO-Party Rock Anthem ft Lauren Benett GoonRock

Item 4

Whoever came up with the idea for this video was a creative genius! It depicts the main characters falling into a comma after a hard night of partying after they created the song. They come to 28 days later to a deserted world. Apparently, the song has everyone in a sort of trance and they come out at a certain time of the day, and when they do, they just cannot stop shuffling! Its like a dance version of Will Smith’s ‘I am legend’ and some may criticize it for being unoriginal in that regard, but you have to admit that you will smile while watching this video. It is no wonder then that it boasts an amazing 467,718,492 views. It appears YouTube viewers just want to ‘have a good time’!

3 Michel Telo-Ai Se Eu Te Pego-Official

Item 3

It is not quite clear why everyone loves this video so much, seeing that the song is in Spanish and there is no storyline either, just a guy singing on stage in a concert. Somehow, this video has managed to rake in 406,440,002 views all the same. It has to be how upbeat the song is and all the beautiful screaming girls singing along to every line!

2 Don Omar-Danza Kuduno ft Lucenzo

Item 2

Another Spanish video topping the charts on the most viewed YouTube videos. It appears that if the song is any good and people like it, then they will watch the video over and over again, even thought they do not understand a thing that is said.

1 Eminem-Not afraid

Item 1

Eminem appears to be doing quite well on YouTube. It seems none of his videos disappoint and people just want to view them a million times over, 352,428,109 times to be precise as regards this particular song. Who would have thought a video that basically featured a guy walking down the street could attract so much attention? Well it appears if that guy was Eminem and he was rapping very deep lyrics as he walked, everyone would want to see it!

There you have it, the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos in 2012 so far, only time will tell whether these videos will manage to hold on to their positions.

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