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Top 10 Online Backup Services

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-14
Backing up your data on your PC is not negotiable. Computer disasters do happen, all those music and movies you are storing on your hard disk might just lead to a crash, or you might be hit by an actual natural disaster that will destroy your computer and everything in it. The disaster might even be man-originated, picture a thief making away with your computer and all your precious information, or simply, you accidentally delete your data (it happens more times than you would care to imagine!) What do you do at such times? Sure, it sucks if you lose your computer, but at least you can replace it. What about the information that you have no way of recovering? Backing up your data online is the best thing you could do for yourself. Online backup beats other means of backup, as you can be sure that your data will be safe no matter what happens to your computer. Your external hard disc might be stolen as well you know. Here are the top 10 online backup services that are sure not to disappoint.

10 Crash Plan +

Item 10

You want a backup service that has excellent software and the best features. Crash Plan + is all this and more. Crash Plan+ boasts of an easy to use and interactive interface. Not only that, the system continuously backs up your data and it has a restore option that is web based. You need not worry about security of your data either. The software is fitted with an impressive encryption level of 448 bit, which is much higher than what most banks have! With different plans ranging from a $ 2.50 a month subscription to a more superior $ 12/month plan, the service is affordable and it will certainly give you value for your money. You should even be able to get a nice discount if you pay your full year’s subscription upfront.

9 Carbonite

Item 9

Many have rated this as the best online backup service there is. It is quite simple to use, just download it, install it and configure it on your computer and the software will be handling your backup in quietly in the background as you work. The basic home backup plan costs $59.99 a year. There are two other plans, HomePlus and HomePremier, which cost $99 and $149 a year respectively. These offer extra features that the basic plan does not have. More Info

8 ADrive

Item 8

If you are looking for a backup service that has extra features such as online editing and WebDav support, then ADrive should be your pick. This online backup service has over a dozen plans for you to choose from, depending on the amount of storage space you require. Apparently, you can even get a quote for unlimited backup space. Prepay for a longer period and you should be able to get a nice, deep discount.

7 Acronis True Image Online

Item 7

You will not have many options with this service, but at least you can rest assured that their online backup is good. With Acronis, you are assured that you will be having up to five computers managing your account online. The company, that also makes a popular home back up software, offers only one online backup plan, 250 GB for $ 4.99 a month. Of course if you prepay you can get a discount.

6 AVG LiveKive

Item 6

The company might be much more famous for their free antivirus software that is wildly popular, but they also offer pretty good online backup services. The company offers an unlimited back up plan for $ 79.99 a year for an as many devices as you would like to have backed up. Do not try to back up more than 500GB though; the service’s fair user policy states that you might be charged extra for this. For those not really looking for unlimited backup, there are either 2 options available to you, 50GB for $59.99 a year or 25 GB for $49.99.

5 Backblaze

Item 5

If you are new to online backup and feel confused by all the technicalities in these backup services, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Backblaze has the simplest interface possible, and it is quite a flexible option as well. There are no limits imposed on the file size you can backup. This might well be the only online backup service that will allow you to backup your 12-hour long videos! The cost is quite affordable as well. For $ 5 a month per computer, you can get unlimited storage space to backup your files. If you are seeking for a bargain, simply pay a 2-year subscription and you can get the cost lowered to $3.96 a month. There is a business plan as well. For $50 a year per computer, you can get unlimited backup space.

4 Comodo backup

Item 4

This is another service that the novice computer user will love. If nothing else, the interface for this software is great, and their backup plans are not bad either. You could opt to get 250GB of storage space for $9.99 a month or 1024GB (1TB) for $19.99. As with most other services, you can get this price lowered a bit if you prepay for a couple of months ahead. A little secret to those who do not need that much storage space, the company offers 5GB online trial backup free. If this is all you need, you are in luck!

3 Backup solutions

Item 3

If you are not within the USA, this might be your best option. The company offers online backup services and has data centers in the USA, Canada and UK, unlike most other online backup companies that only have datacenters within the United States. Not only will this service be available to you outside the United States, it is also one of the most secure online backup services there is, making it a wise choice. You will not exactly be spoilt for choice however. The service offers only one online backup plan, for $99.95, you will be able to get unlimited storage. They also have an online server backup plan that might interest you.

2 IDrive

Item 2

This service has three great features that make it standout from the other online backup services. First, there is more frequent backup. The service also features drive support that is well mapped and it supports operating systems for servers. The company offers many plans, from their completely free 5GB basic plan to the business class option that offers 1000GB for $ 79.95 a month.

1 McAfee Online Backup

Item 1

McAfee, well known for its antivirus program, also offers online backup. It is powered by Mozy, which has been in the online backup industry since the very beginning, so you can be assured that the plan is good. It is quite affordable as well. The company has one plan only, $59.99 a year for unlimited backup.

Backups protect you from hardware failures, theft, accidental deletion, floods, fires and other mishaps. They literally save you a great deal, as you will not have to suffer recreating information. It is wise for one to have a plan 'b' and the best b is Back-up. These are available in a vast. Some plans are versatile and these will especially work to your advantage as they give you more than just backup. You can find more reviews and information about these services at Top Online / Cloud Backup Reviews

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