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Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-13
Shoes are most women's weakness, and luxury shoe designers create hundreds of designs each year to cater for their eagerly waiting clientele. It is no longer a wonder to find women who have over 200 pairs of shoes, shopping for new footwear. As most women note, as long as there are new designs created every day, there will always be a ready market. Shoe designers are very happy to oblige and luxury brands have continued to attract a cult like following. Below are ten of the most popular shoe brands in the market.

10 Gucci

Item 10

One of the most renowned shoe designers is Tom Ford who managed to revive the Gucci brand and turn it into one of the most coveted shoe brand. Women around the world have embraced the fashionable shoes that have a loyal following among those looking for comfort and sophistication. The luxury shoes are popular with women from all occupations and they are found in millions of closets around the world

9 Miu Miu

Item 9

This offshoot of Prada has grown to become one of the most recognizable shoe brands. The feminine and fashion forward shoes are a favorite of many young people. Young stars can regularly be spotted in the designer shoes that evoke a sense of intrigue. Seen as taking shoes to the next level, Miu Miu is a visionary who brings together eclectic and sophisticated style to create shoes that are perfect for the night scene. The young and young-at- heart are attracted to the 'head-turning' shoes that do not fail to attract attention

8 Stuart Weitzman

Item 8

Someone who clearly understands that shoes can make a woman feel beautiful has created this top shoe brand. For more than two decades, the brand has created shoes that speak to a woman and they are all about elegance and glamour. The designer attempts to provoke the wearer's imagination by inventing new styles that have a whimsical and unique style. By using unique materials, the designer produces hundreds of new styles each year that appeal to women of all ages. Shoe lovers can find everything from pumps and mules to stilettos, which have been created to ignite passion. Seen frequently on runways, the shoes continue to attract die-hard fans.

7 . Brian Atwood

Item 7

When in 2001 Brian Atwood decided to create his own shoe label, he cannot have envisioned the ease with which he got to the top of the luxury market. The shoes are considered to be inspired and have been described as being "stop-and-stare, drop-dead-gorgeous". Made in Italy by the very best in the industry, the shoes have been hailed as turning all women into stars. The wicked stilettos are a remarkable sight as they turn women's limbs into long and lean beauties without compromising on comfort. The detail on the shoes highlights the superior workmanship that has earned the shoes a top position in the luxury category.

6 . Alexander McQueen

Item 6

While more renown in the creation of beautiful clothes, Alexander McQueen has also managed to blaze a trail in the luxury shoes category. This brand of shoes is seen as a combination of classic 16th century beauty with modern design. The shoes are perfect for those who are romantic as they invoke romance and raw edge. Loved by women of all ages the shoes are beautifully made and like everything else created by Alexander McQueen, the bespoke quality is evident in the intriguing designs.

5 Walter Steiger

Item 5

Walter Steiger is a popular shoe brand that has built on its reputation of being exclusive and innovative. Started in 1932 to deal exclusively with tailored shoes, the brand holds links with some of the most legendary names in fashion. By collaborating with designers like Calvin Klein, Ungaro, Karl Lagerfeld, Nina Ricci, Claude Montana and Oscar de la Renta, Walter Steiger has managed to ensure that he remains firmly in contention in the top luxury shoe brands. Seen as a trailblazer in the field, the innovative designs have changed the shoe industry and many are considered highly coveted classics.

4 Louis Vuitton

Item 4

Most people will argue that every woman needs to own a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. Considered some of the most beautiful creations in the industry, the shoes blend excellent craftsmanship with quality and comfort. They are seen as a mark of class and are favored by those who love understated elegance, style and fashion. The shoes have a loyal following from those who appreciate the finest quality in footwear.

3 Manolo Blahnik

Item 3

In the last three decades, Manolo Blahnik has managed to become one of the most coveted brands. Earning the title of one of the world's most influential shoe designers for him has been because of the intricate designs that have attracted discerning shoe connoisseurs from around the world. The brand has loyal devotees who love the unique shoes that range from sexy stiletto heels, to unique designs with embroidery detail. Manolo shoes exude luxury and exuberance and they can take the wearer from a business meeting to a cocktail party with ease.

2 Christian Louboutin

Item 2

Everyone knows that a bright red sole on sky-high heels is a signature of Christian Louboutin. The shoe designer who believes that a shoe can never be too high has set the trend in extremely high heels. Today, sky-high heels have become a common sight on the streets and on the red carpet. Many celebrities have, in the last couple of years been spotted with the instantly recognizable shoes. Shoe connoisseurs agree that Louboutins have set a trend that is proving difficult to forego. Every actress or celebrity owns a pair or more of the shoes that have gained instant acceptance with women from all walks of life.

1 . Jimmy Choo

Item 1

Jimmy Choo is an iconic brand launched in the early 90's in the East End of London. The shoes created by Jimmy Choo are recognized for their excellent artistry and they have gained a loyal following in Hollywood. The shoes have become a common sight on the red carpet, especially after gaining the reputation of being the lucky charm for Oscar winners Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett and Hillary Swank. The famous and not so famous who love the sense of style and glamour have contributed to making this the most popular shoe brand in the world.

Luxury shoe brands are popular with women around the world and most of them tend to favor particular designers over others. Individuals have brands that they consider the best of the pack and this list is by no means exhaustive. New designs are created each day and the trends change frequently as women look for new experiences.

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