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Top 10 Documentaries On YouTube

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-12
When some people hear of documentaries, their interest levels usually sink to an all time low, probably because of a boring old documentary they watched a long time ago. However, these days, most people are usually keen to watch any documentary that comes across their path, owing to how good these media tools are. The outstanding qualities of these documentaries is that, these days they are more informative than they were in the past, and the methods that these producers and characters present the information, is just amazing. Furthermore, these documentaries are very entertaining, because the excellent mix of music, picture, and camera effects are bound to keep any viewer at the edge of his or her seat. Furthermore, the topics that are highlighted in these documentaries are very interesting, because some are bent on demystifying some long held taboos that people never dared question, others challenge the realities of everyday life, and others reveal amazing things that take place on or outside our beloved planet. Some of the most amazing documentaries that you will find on YouTube include:

10 Sicko

Item 10

Healthcare is a very thorny issue in most parts of the world, and many governments make great efforts to try to provide proper healthcare to their citizens as much as possible. However, there are instances that these efforts fall seriously short of their expectations, and the people, especially those living in less than wealthy neighbourhoods, are most affected. Sicko is a documentary by Michael Moore, who is well known for his rather angry and sometimes disturbing interviews. This documentary is somehow different from most of his other works, because it focuses on individuals from different parts of the world, and they talk about their unique experiences in the hands of medical professionals, or in their lack of the same. If you have a place in your heart for healthcare, then this is a must watch documentary for you.

9 Russian Prison System

Item 9

In ancient Russia, criminals used to be stamped with tattoos, and this used to be a form of language that was very common in past years. However, for the longest time, it had been forbidden to talk about this practice, and therefore, the information provided in this documentary is bound to be very new to you. This is the classic act of the mark of Cain, since Cain is believed to be the first criminal, and because of murdering his brother, he was stamped with a tattoo.

8 Earthlings

Item 8

The title of this documentary is likely to make you think that it has something to do with aliens or some other extraterrestrial beings; however, it is just the opposite. Earthlings is a documentary where the audience get to listen to Joaquin Phoenix, as he talks about how human beings affect the daily activities of many other inhabitants that share this beautiful planet with us. Clearly, you will notice the negative impact that people place on nature, in their attempts to make more money and amass more wealth. If you care about this planet, do watch this documentary, and you are likely to rejuvenate your zeal to protect other inhabitants of the same.

7 1421: The year China discovered America

Item 7

You might be thinking that the title of this documentary is all wrong, and that there is no way that title makes any sense, well watch the documentary and make your own judgement. In the documentary you get to learn that, long before Columbus, the Chinese had made a voyage to America, and circled the globe in their own boat. Furthermore, there is evidence that they colonised America prior to the British, and they introduced clothes and some types of food in different parts of the world.

6 Invisible children

Item 6

Many organizations around the world are set out to protect the rights of children, and this is a very noble cause. People who would love to understand what actually goes on in other parts of the world, with regard to children and the circumstances that their environment forces them to live, must watch 'invisible children'. This heart-moving documentary is a story of three teenagers, who went to Africa and more specifically Northern Uganda in 2003, to document a scenario where children had been recruited to fight in a war as soldiers, and were suffering from the effects of the same.

5 How to grow a planet

Item 5

We have always thought that man is the most dominant species on the planet, but little do we know that this is not the case. This documentary sheds light on the domination of plants, how they have played a central role in evolution, their contribution to the extinction of the dinosaurs, and their ambition to take over the world.

4 Eat, fast, and live longer

Item 4

Everyone would definitely like to find the secret behind living forever, and whoever discovers the antidote, is likely to become a very wealthy individual. Surprisingly, Michael Mosely claims that he has discover the secret to staying young, losing weight, and eventually living longer, all through fasting. I know you hear of fasting only in religious circles, or in ancient practices, but this documentary will explain exactly how fasting will help you achieve your weight and life length goals. Mr. Moseley takes us on a journey through his own fasting, watch the documentary, and you will discover just how effective his newfound secret is.

3 Are we alone?

Item 3

If you love going to the movies, or enjoying one from the comfort of your home, then you have definitely heard of Morgan Freeman. He is an award-winning actor, who is involved heavily in the documentary titled, 'Are we alone'. This documentary seeks to answer very hard questions, which pertain to whether human beings are the only intelligent life forms in the universe, the origins of man, the presence and mysteries of the black holes, and many other mysteries that have baffled scientists and the common man. This is a definite must watch.

2 The Real Eve

Item 2

Not that Danny Glove and the producers of this documentary are trying to preach, and talk about the creation theory where God makes man in His own image, and later on Woman, and gives them the responsibility to populate the earth. This documentary gives evidence of the human race sharing a gene, which is evidence that the all of us are connected, and we can very well trace our origin to one woman. This documentary goes further to answer questions of when the human population started to grow, and where in Africa, the first Man and Woman are likely to have lived.

1 Evolution of sex

Item 1

This is a unique documentary, and no it is not an adult movie of some sorts. This documentary sheds light on the central role of sex in the growth and spread of human beings and animals. However, there may come a time where sex will no longer be required for this purpose, and it might become a forgotten practice in the future. To find out more about this, watch this documentary and you will be enlightened.

Although there are many places and channels that offer the viewers the opportunity to watch these documentaries, none is quite like YouTube. YouTube offers the best and most recent documentaries, for free, and anyone can access them from any location, at whatever time of the day or night, so long as they have access to the internet.

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