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Top Ten Battles Of World War Two

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-10
World War Two lasted from 1939 to 1945 and was the bloodiest war in human history. There were more than 100 million people serving in the military. This period was also marked by some major events such as the use of nuclear warfare and the Holocaust. It resulted in Allied victory, the creation of the United Nations and the emergence of the Soviet Union and The United States as super powers. Keep reading to know the ten battles that were fought during this time that will be etched in history for a lot of reasons. These battles changed the course of war.

10 Battle of Britain

Item 10

This battle was a decisive British victory and played out in the United Kingdom airspace. It was the most sustained air bombing to date in the Second World War and the first major battle to be fought entirely in air. The initial strategy of the German Air Force was to destroy the Royal Air Force bases of Britain. And had they continued doing that, they might have won. However, the strategy changed to bombing other cities and towns around the air bases. This gave the Royal Air Force Bases time to heal and procure new aircrafts. They then resumed bombing in new stead and the Germans were defeated. More info

9 Battle of Stalingrad

Item 9

It was a decisive Soviet victory. The battle was fought for control of Stalingrad. This battle was an all-time low for high disregard to military and civilian casualties. People fell like trees being cut without a thought. It is one of the bloodiest battles in history and the casualty toll almost crossed two million. After this attack the Germans never launched any other attack on the East. Actually they were not able to recover from this one blow. More info

8 Second Battle of Kharkov

Item 8

This battle was an Axis victory and the objective was to eliminate the Izium Bridgehead. The Izium Bridgehead was one of the Soviet’s offensive staging zones. There was an offensive against the German sixth Army, but it lacked the element of surprise. They had failed to estimate the potential of the sixth Army though and lost. This again was a case of grossly underestimating one’s enemy. It resulted in 300,000 casualties totally from both sides. More info on Wikipedia

7 Battle of Midway

Item 7

This was the most significant naval battle of the Second World War. It resulted in irreparable damage to the Japanese fleet and was a decisive American victory. The Japanese had planned to trap the American vessels, but on hindsight the plan was poor and was executed in an even more bad fashion. The Japanese grossly underestimated the Americans. Japan’s pilot training programs and ship building ventures could not replace lost or damaged vessels as fast as the Americans did and hence they suffered a humiliating defeat. More info

6 Battle of Kursk

Item 6

This battle resulted in almost 400,000 casualties over both sides totally. The Battle of Kursk saw the most exhaustive use of tanks and was the costliest of all the battles of the Second World War. It also boasts of the single most costly day of aerial battle of the Second World War. This was the German and Soviet forces confronting each other head on, on the Eastern front. It was a decisive Soviet victory though. More info on Wikipedia

5 Battle of Moscow

Item 5

This was Hitler’s invasion of The Soviet Union to overpower Moscow. That had been Hitler’s focal point for a long time then. Moscow was supposed to be strategically placed both militarily and politically. It was codenamed Operation Barbarossa and for the first time the Germans retreated on such a huge scale. They were not used to operating at such inhumanely cold temperatures. It was a Soviet victory and German operational and tactical failure. More info on Wikipedia

4 Battle of Leyte Gulf

Item 4

This is the largest naval battle of World war Two. The Battle of Leyte Gulf comprised of four major battles, the Battle of Sibuyan Sea, the Battle of Surigao Strait, The Battle of Cape Engano and the Battle of Samar. It was also in this battle that the Japanese carried out their famous kamikaze attacks. It was a first time and was very well organized. However, the Battle of Leyte Gulf was a decisive Allied victory. More info

3 Battle of Guadalcanal

Item 3

This battle was codenamed Operation Watch Tower. It was the first major offensive launched by the Allies against the Empire of Japan. The Allied forces occupied Tulagi, Florida and also the Henderson Field. US Naval forces supported these developments. It was an out and out strategic Allied victory. Close to 1400 aircrafts were lost during this battle. More info

2 Operation Overlord

Item 2

It was also known as the Battle of Normandy and resulted in a decisive Allied victory. The battle began with the Normandy landings. 160,500 troops crossed the English Channel. It marked the beginning of the invasion of German occupied Western Europe by the Allied forces. Almost 20,000 French civilians were killed. More info

1 Battle of France

Item 1

This was the actual beginning of the war, when both sides gave up all pretences and took to serious military operations. Germans invaded France and other countries, and managed to overcome them. Superior German technique and training were at the heart of this victory. The Germans attacked through Belgium and Holland, while they were being expected at the Maginot Line. There were almost 469,000 casualties in this battle. More info

These battles resulted in a lot of loss of lives and property and above all humanity. To an extent, the world hasn’t even recovered now from their impact, the underlying rivalries are still there. And probably will always be! Countries like Japan still bear the brunt of nuclear warfare. The Second World War was a first of many types on unethical battle practices and tactics.

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