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Top 10 Amazing Race Teams

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-05
The Amazing Race is an American show with many foreign versions. It is a race around the world where contestants travel in teams of two, completing tasks during legs of the race. At the end of each leg, a team is eliminated from the race, until there are only three teams left in the last leg. There have been some great teams that raced, memorable for various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable.

10 Kent “Kynt” Cothron and Jennifer “Vyxsin” Fiala

Item 10

Kynt and Vyxsin are, as you can see, Goths. Fierce competitors, they ran two seasons of the Race together and proved themselves both times despite game-ending mistakes. Although they never won the race, they brought a style and flair to it with their fashion sense and bright attitudes. They proved that Goths can be playful and fun.

9 Drew Feinberg and Kevin O’Connor

Item 9

These two guys are incredible clowns, and made their name on the Race with their hilarious sense of humor. Although they came in fourth, they made the first season ever of the Race entertaining with their romp across the world.

8 Mike and Mel White

Item 8

This father-son duo pushed with great determination through two runs of the Race, having several incredible moments. The bond between them is obviously very strong, and it showed throughout both races they participated in. Mel is also known for writing and co-starring in the movie “School of Rock,” but on the Amazing Race he really shined as a competitor and even athlete.

7 Mirna Hindoyan and Charla Baklayan Faddoul

Item 7

These powerhouse ladies are cousins who ran the Race twice with great success. Celebrities on the reality show circuit, Charla happens to be a little person, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in determination. Even through their athleticism and aggressiveness, they are true ladies.

6 Herbert “Flight Time” Lang and Nathaniel “Big Easy” Lofton

Item 6

These two Harlem Globetrotters took their show on the road in the Amazing Race twice, being both goofy and competitive. Best friends through the whole of it all, they fell in their first attempt when they chose to skip a difficult task and incurred a time penalty. They came back a second time to come in second.

5 Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller

Item 5

Dr. Phil had to help this troubled marriage after they fought their way through the Race. It was each other they were fighting. Jonathan has a particularly harsh way of criticizing, causing him to appear almost abusive toward Victoria. Because of this they gained a lot of notoriety. They appeared in other reality shows that feature reality show stars, with everyone expecting Jonathan to explode at any moment.

4 Chip and Kim McAllister

Item 4

What is amazing about Chip and Kim is they have come a long way. Both of them grew up poor and in the ghetto, and rose above it all to build an incredible life. They did so with the same humor and grace that carried them through two runs of the Race, one of them a win.

3 Margie and Luke Adams

Item 3

What made this team remarkable was that Luke is deaf. So while the teams were overcoming the game challenges, Luke managed to do all of the race with an even greater challenge. Margie, his mother, is an inspiration, pushing herself and her son through the race and even suffering heat exhaustion during it. They appeared on the race twice.

2 Rob and Amber Mariano

Item 2

The only team to appear in another Top 10 list, Rob and Amber made themselves with six Survivor appearances between them and two wins. They ran the Race twice together, and used their social skills from Survivor to earn their way through it. The best moment of their first appearance was when Rob talked several contestants into dropping out of a task that he found difficult. When a team drops out of a task, they are given a time penalty. By talking other teams into dropping out of the task behind him, Rob ensured that his penalty would not affect his placing in the race.

1 Uchenna and Joyce Agu

Item 1

Joyce had beautiful hair. However, she shaved it off in one leg of her first Race (they raced twice) in order to overcome a penalty task she and husband Uchenna had to endure for coming in last the leg before. The consequences of not completing the task were elimination, as they were in last place; completing the task would put them in first for that leg. Joyce sacrificed her hair, and the couple became a million dollars richer.

The Amazing Race has had some amazing contestants, and it was hard to narrow it down to ten out of the twenty seasons the show has aired. The locales they visit are awesome, full of history. Whether it brings out the best or worst in each team, the Amazing Race brings our world together and showcases it for all of us. It airs on CBS and will be starting on Sunday, September 30 at 8pm, 7pm central.

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