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Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-02
It is a man’s world when it comes to billionaires as the top 9 richest people in the world are all men. The likes of Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and the Steve Jobs are well publicized but the women entrepreneurs have shown their worth and their share of contribution. The top 10 women entrepreneurs of the world are:

10 Zhang Yin:

Item 10

Zhang Yin is the founder and director of the family company Nine Dragons Paper Holdings. Her company imports scrap paper from overseas and turns it into cardboard boxes to export Chinese goods. Zhang Yin opened a paper trading company in Hong Kong in 1985. In 1990, she set up a paper exporting Chung Nam in America which became the largest supplier of paper materials in Europe and America. In 1996, she set up the Nine Dragons Paper Holdings in Guangdong Province. By 2005, her company had become the largest paper maker in China and by 2006 the company was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In 2010 Zhang's personal fortune was valued at approximately US$4.6 billion, making her the wealthiest self-made woman in the world. More info

9 Rosalia Mera:

Item 9

Rosalia Mera is co-founder of Inditex along with her ex-husband which is the parent company of Zara. Her net worth as of March 2012 is US$4.5 billion. She is also the president of Paideia Foundation, an organization that works to help vulnerable groups into society through programs such as education and employment training. Mera also owns interests in a company which make fingerprinting identification for new-borns and a marine farm fishing group, a company that looks for cancer treatments in products from the ocean.

8 Cher Wang:

Item 8

Cher Wang is a co-founder and the chairperson of the HTC Corporation and VIA Technologies from Taiwan. She is one of technology’s most powerful executives and one of the most influential women in wireless. Her father, Wang Yung-Ching, was the chairman of the board of plastics mega-manufacturer Formosa Plastics Corporation and had an estimated wealth of US$5.5 billion. In May 2011, she was valued with her husband with a net worth of US$8.8 billion making her the richest person in Taiwan. More info

7 Oprah Winfrey:

Item 7

One of the most influential women of the world, Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her self-titled talk show which became the most watched show in America. She has been ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century, the greatest black philanthropist in American history, and world’s only black billionaire. Her net worth as of 2011 is US$ 2.7 billion. More info

6 Elena Baturina:

Item 6

Elena Baturina is Russia’s richest woman who founded Inetko, the largest construction firm of the city in 1991. She is the wife Yuri Luzhkov who was the mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010. Her company produced furniture and crockery but had since expanded into construction and construction materials. In 2005 Inteco was sold for US$1.1 billion. Baturina owns hotels in Sochi, over 72,000 hectares of agricultural land in the Belgorod Oblast and a factory that produces cans of sweetened condensed milk. Her net worth as of March 2012 is US$ 1.1 billion. More info

5 Giuliana Benetton:

Item 5

Giuliana Benetton is the co-founder of the Benetton Group along with her siblings. She is also the director of the family's Edizione Holding, which has interests in Telecom Italia and Autogrill SpA, a chain of roadside and airport restaurants in Italy and abroad. She is a regular on lists of the wealthiest self-made women. Her net worth as of March 2012 is US$ 2.1 billion. More info

4 Doris Fisher:

Item 4

Doris Fisher is the co-founder of The Gap Inc. She graduated from Stanford and founded The Gap in 1969 along with her late husband Donald Fisher. Currently the chain operates more than 3,200 stores, including Old Navy, Banana Republic and newer brands like Piperlime and Athleta. Though she is no longer in direct, day-to-day control, she is still one of the members of the board of directors. Her net worth as of March 2012 is US$ 2.3 billion. More info

3 Chen Lihua:

Item 3

Chen Lihua is China’s richest woman. She started a furniture maintenance business in 1976. During the 1980s, she travelled to Hong Kong to pursue real investment and trade opportunities. In 1998, she founded Fuh Wah International Group, a real estate company. In 1999 she established the China Red Sandalwood Museum in Beijing, which is dedicated to preserving the Chinese art of sandalwood carving. She is valued at US$4 billion. More info

2 Wu Yajun:

Item 2

Wu Yajun founded Longfor Properties, a top real estate company in 1994. She is a former journalist with a degree in engineering. Her company has been growing rapidly over the last sixteen years and she has surpassed Zhang Yin to become China’s richest woman. She has an estimated net worth of US$6.6 billion and is a member of the National People's Congress. More info

1 Deborah Meaden:

Item 1

Deborah Meaden is a UK based business woman who ran a multi-million pound family holiday business. She had several successful leisure and retail businesses. In 1988 she joined her family's business to run the amusement operations and in 1992 joined Weststar Holidays, a family holiday park operator. In 2009, she acquired Fox Brothers, a textile mill along with fellow shareholders. In October 2011, she launched The Merchant Fox, an online store selling British-made luxury goods. She is also a part of the BBC program Dragon’s Den where she has agreed on investing £1,605,000 in 26 businesses. More info

All these women have become successful through their sheer hard work and will power. They have overcome failure in many forms to reach their destination. They have made their way into the rich list not through inheritance as most of them come through poor background but through their own will. They have become a great source of inspiration for other women entrepreneurs and the whole world.

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