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Top 10 Big Brother USA Contestants

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-08-29
Big Brother USA is different from the 30-odd Big Brother shows that take place around the world. In a live chess match that takes place over the entire summer (usually), ten to fourteen players are pitted against each other for an ultimate prize of $500,000. Each week, they engage in a competition to earn “Head of Household” (HoH), which gives the winner the power to nominate two other players for eviction from the house. During the rest of that week, the nominated players (those “on the chopping block”) compete to try and stay in the house. At the end, the last person standing gets the prize. Currently it airs on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times in your area.

10 Ian Terry (Season 14)

Item 10

Ian hasn’t really had a chance to become memorable yet, but in a big move he arranged the eviction of Mike “Boogie” Malin from the Big Brother house in Season 14, the current season. This eviction took place on August 23. This baby-faced engineering student has a big brain in his head that it’s very possible he could win his season.

9 Alison Irwin (Season 5, All-Star)

Item 9

This blonde vixen was voted out first in All-Star because everyone remembers how wily and conniving she was in Season 5. She tricked her fellow housemate and ally, Nate, into going on the chopping block for her and then refused to back him up by taking him off the block. This maneuver was one of many things Alison did to achieve second place for Season 5. She also appeared on “The Amazing Race,” but was on the first team eliminated.

8 “Chicken” George Boswell (Season 1, All-Star)

Item 8

This jolly middle-aged hotel promoter wound up changing the game forever in Season 1. During that season, viewers called in and voted for who would be “banished” from the house. When he was up for banishment against another player, Boswell’s boss and fellow employees rallied around him and banished the other player. Ever since, the players vote each other out from within the house. That said, his game play was so good that he navigated through All-Star without that sort of aid to place fifth.

7 Janelle Pierzina (Season 6, All-Star, 14)

Item 7

A literal living Barbie, Janelle is also the winner of the most competitions in Big Brother history, a record that has yet to be broken. Brainy as well as beautiful, she fought against all odds in Season 6, aligned with Chilltown in Season 7 (which placed her third), and coached a small group of players in Season 14.

6 “Evel” Dick Donato (Season 8, 13)

Item 6

Chain-smoking, wise-cracking, and truly “evel,” Richard Donato handily won Big Brother 8 with his daughter, Daniele, by his side. But Donato is more than a Big Brother winner. Detractors of his like to accuse him of dropping names, and some of these are the most famous names in rock for the past 30 years. The fact is, Evel Dick knew every single person whose name he dropped. This charisma is what pulled him through to win the game, even though he was antagonistic and wild. Unfortunately, he had to leave Season 13 early in the game, so we will never know what might have been.

5 Jessie Godderz (Season 9, 11)

Item 5

Arrogant and egotistical yet with a soft spot, Jessie pumped his way through two Big Brother seasons. This bodybuilder made a lot of friends with his goofy personality, even as he was stabbing them in the back. He only made it about midway both times he played, but he left a mark on the house so indelible that in Season 11 his allies cried all the next day when he was evicted.

4 “Hurricane” Howie Gordon (Season 6, 7)

Item 4

Former stripper, meterology student, and lightsaber salesman are only a few of the things that made quirky Howie a memorable player. He told a lot of weather jokes but ultimately was not a dumb player. Participating with Janelle and others in an alliance called the Sovereign Six, he battled in a house truly divided. In All-Star he did just as well, using his goofiness and off-beat behavior to get into the jury.

3 Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd (Season 11, 13)

Item 3

Jeff and Jordan are truly America’s sweethearts. They met on Big Brother 11, where they made a connection and Jordan went on to win the game with a gentle Southern subtlety that is her character. Jeff meanwhile has a good head on his shoulders and good looks to boot. Despite the odds, they also went very far in Big Brother 13. They have also appeared on The Amazing Race. According to Jeff, they recently moved to Los Angeles so Jeff could continue to do interviews for Big Brother’s webcast (Fridays at 4pm EST/1pm PST). It would seem that marriage is on the horizon for this showmance.

2 Chilltown - Mike “Boogie” Malin and “Evil” Dr. Will Kirby (Season 2, All-Star, 14)

Item 2

This group, led by Mike “Boogie” Malin and Will “the Evil Doctor” Kirby, has reincarnated twice, in Big Brother All-Star when both leaders appeared for a second run at the money, and in Season 14, when Mike “Boogie” returned to coach a small group of players and found himself playing the game. Shenanigans of theirs included both Dr. Will and new Chilltown member Frank Eudy (Season 14) constantly escaping the block, the throwing of competitions, and the cleaning of a toilet by Shannon Dragoo with another player’s toothbrush.

1 Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reilly (Season 12, 13)

Item 1

Nobody gets between Rachel and HER man, Brendon, who met on Big Brother 12 and formed a bond right away. Through two seasons of Big Brother and a run through The Amazing Race, fiery bombshell Rachel and intelligent level-headed Brandon have blazed their way into reality television history. Using their celebrity to do things like visiting animals in shelters, this tempestuous team is talking marriage. Is there a “Brendon and Rachel’s Celebrity Wedding” on the way for CBS?

Through 14 season and counting, as well as numerous contestants, Big Brother has provided us with entertainment through its selection of people. Some of them have been good guys and some of them downright crazy, but they have all brought us entertainment as we watch them struggle against each other for the half-million dollar prize. It is a social game of chess, dramatic, comedic, and action-packed; a roller-coaster of a summer for viewers and players alike.

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