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Top ten strange facts about capitalism

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-08-27
Capitalism has been described as the private ownership of produced goods and the means of production. Generally what qualify to be capitalist in nature are things that further personal or individual interests. This can be competitive pricing of products or labor, withholding of stock to increase prices in the market by impacting demand and supply dynamics and things along these lines. Most nations today in the world are capitalist in nature. Hence the huge race to get ahead in the economy and to beat recession and to retain skilled people. Everything comes down to personal ownership and personal gain. But not all is bad about capitalism. Of course everybody is entitled to an opinion, but every concept has a flip side. Capitalism also says that everything is available to everyone, only for a price. It is that price that nations and civilizations have been haggling about without realizing it. Keep reading to know some interesting facts about capitalism. Interesting but strange:

10 Belief in capitalism:

Item 10

Given the spread of capitalism world over, only 11% people from 27 countries thought that capitalism works well in any context. They are against the private ownership of means of production and do not want things to go by just market forces of demand and supply. More info

9 Where did it all begin?

Item 9

Capitalism began in the United Kingdom in the 18th Century and from then on the United States took up the mantle. Today the United States is the largest follower of this policy. This dates back to the time of the Industrial Revolution, when businessmen and bureaucrats began displacing religious and other symbolic heads in the society. That was where capitalism set its roots. More info

8 Effect of capitalism on health:

Item 8

Ever thought about the effect of capitalism on health? If a capitalist society did not exist, then probably there would be no will to do better and that could translate to no organic food or food grown out of the cheapest of seeds and fertilizers. Think about it! There would be none of that skimmed milk that you gulp down for breakfast, nor the Oreo cookies that you treat your kids too. The maximum people could come up with would be say oatmeal cookies. That may be taking it too far, but you get the idea, don’t you?

7 Capitalism v/s equality and social good:

Item 7

Now what do you think of equality and capitalism or social good and capitalism? You might just barf! But if you look at the bigger picture, it might make sense. Consider our overpaid glamour professionals and sportsmen. Now consider factory workers and say beauticians. Each of these professions produce goods and feelings for common use, be it soap, a shampoo or just an hour of entertainment. And all levels in the society tend to enjoy it. Everybody is working for self satisfaction and hence contributing to a happier place! Don’t believe this? Read up more on it! More info

6 Be the best:

Item 6

Capitalism also inspires you to be the best! And you do agree with that, though you may not see it that way. Since it’s the race for going ahead that inspires everyone, capitalism instigates you to do your best at every shot so that you have the maximum returns. It also makes you think smartly. Invest as little but leverage as much! More info

5 Correlation between capitalism and growth:

Item 5

Capitalism makes the economy grow exponentially. Now since when was exponential growth a bad thing? Ever since people began becoming scared of it! As a resource becomes scarce or gets depleted, there is an urge to find a replacement or do something better. We can see this with the global oil crisis. As the price of fuel is rising, the stakes are getting higher for other sources of energy. Innovation will only lead to more growth. All we have to concern ourselves with is that there is no dissonance with nature about the same.

4 Is capitalism a viable alternative or does it leads to any?

Item 4

Picking up from the previous point, capitalism gives you the route to viable alternatives. Perhaps that is the strongest point for democratic capitalism. It also paves the way for potential entrepreneurs by lowering entry barriers to the industry and thus giving people an equal chance to prove their worth.

3 What’s common in humans and capitalism?

Item 3

Have you thought about capitalism exploits the most in humans? It is greed. Capitalism is in perfect sync with human nature. The greed for performing better, for earning more and like this an entire economy is fuelled to perform.

2 Does capitalism give you freedom?

Item 2

Capitalism also gives you the freedom to choose the life that you want! It gives you options on what you can pursue as a career, as a job or as a vocation. There are no rules binding you to perform a certain type of job and stay within a certain pay band and the like. It is the freedom to live your life the way you want. Funny, you never thought of it that way, right?

1 Does capitalism spell democracy?

Item 1

What’s the best thing about capitalism? Democracy! Everyone has the right to express what he or she feels about the system, about the policies and the work processes and work systems. It is equal political power. Then why is this one aspect discounted when we talk of capitalism? Probe into it, read up more if this interests you!

Every concept will always have two sides to it and sometimes in your haste to see only what you want\r\nto, the balance between them is screwed up! Before forming notions about anything, weigh the pros\r\nand cons and then decide. You just read that capitalism is not all bad; in fact it is greyer depending on\r\npeople’s perceptions of the lives that they lead and the lives that they should lead. Keep reading more\r\nonline to further get your beliefs verified and some misconceptions dismissed.

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