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Top 10 Technology News Websites

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-08-19
Tech geeks who look out for the latest technology news and products have a vast array of online websites to make browsing about technology easier for them. These tech websites offer various categories of interest areas for technology users to interact in. Everything from new gizmo releases, news articles, expert speak, opinions, images, videos and tech help is provided in technology news websites in a proper format. The top 10 technology news websites are:

10 Boy Genius Report:

Item 10

This website is designed in a blog form to cover technology and consumer goods. It is one of the best websites for tech-savvy users looking for the latest, breaking news and product releases ahead of time. It is well known among the mobile gadget sector. The weblog also does mobile phone giveaways and occasional celebrity appearances apart from giving comprehensive and detailed reviews and opinions about various mobile devices. The creator, Boy Genius remained anonymous about his identity. In 2010, Boy Genius revealed himself as Jonathan Geller. He has been ranked number 65 on T3 Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in Tech. More info

9 Engadget:

Item 9

Like BGR, Engadget functions like a blog. The site is a multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics. It operates a number of blogs spanning seven different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Korean and German. Updated multiple times a day with articles on gadgets and consumer electronics, the site posts rumours about the technological world, offers opinion within its stories and produces the weekly Podcast that covers tech and gadget news stories. Since its founding, dozens of writers have written for or contributed to Engadget including high profile bloggers, industry analysts, and professional journalists. One of the top 5 in the Technorati top 100, it has also been ranked the best blogs of 2010 by TIME magazine. More info

8 Ars Technica:

Item 8

Created in 1998 Ars Technica is a technology news and information website. It publishes news, reviews and guides on issues such as computer hardware and software, science, technology policy, and video games. There are eight main sections in the website arranged in different news category sections: Infinite Loop (Apple), Ministry of Innovation (business), Gear & Gadgets (electronics), Opposable Thumbs (video games), The Scientific Method (science), Law & Disorder (technology policy), The Technology Lab (IT), and Risk Assessment (IT security). Most of the website's writers are postgraduates while some work for research institutions. More info

7 TechCrunch:

Item 7

Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, TechCrunch is a web publication that offers technology news and analysis, as well as profiles of start-up companies, products, and websites in its site. It is affiliated with other websites like CrunchBase, TechCrunch France, and InviteShare etc. This link of sites is called the TechCrunch Network. It also utilizes Facebook to permit readers to comment and provide feedback on their news stories. More info

6 DailyTech:

Item 6

The writing style of DailyTech is a combination of blog-style news with industry interviews and online magazine format. The content of this website is split into a blog section and a news section. The news section of this site consists of computer-related hardware news, science, defense and consumer-tech information. DailyTech is well known for bringing down the content of various other publications by publishing reports on corruption present at other technology news websites. More info

5 Gizmodo:

Item 5

A part of Gawker Media Network, this site offers reviews of gadgets, gizmos and cutting-edge consumer electronics. The site was published across Europe; translated in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, as well as other European-interest material in 2005. This website is well known for its up-to-date coverage of the technology industry along with other topics like design, architecture, space and science. More info

4 The Verge:

Item 4

The Verge is an American technology news website which publishes news items, long form feature stories, product reviews, podcasts and an entertainment show. The use of video and social interaction element is extensive in this site. It entered into partnerships with The Washington Post and the show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The site's team publishes many reviews of products such as personal computers, cell phones, and gaming consoles. Reviewed products receive a "Verge Score" out of 10. Even users can submit their own reviews and news about the gadgets they own. More info

3 Information Week:

Item 3

This online print magazine was first published in 1979. It caters to mostly technology professionals and managers. The site delivers top notch analysis of IT trend and issues. It produces more than 100 studies every year which include report on nation’s top users of information technology, employee based benefits and compensation study etc. The Information Week media platform yields reach to more than 2 million business technology buyers. There are 44000 monthly subscribers; many are those who receive free subscriptions too. More info

2 Techspot:

Item 2

Created in 1998, this site delivers technology information and analysis to enthusiasts and professionals in the IT sector. The TechSpot editorial content includes tech news, product reviews, buying guides, software downloads and how-to guides. This site also includes a database of products which are reviewed by experts. The website has been receiving 1 million users every month since 2001. More info

1 Wired News:

Item 1

Formerly known as HotWired, this online technology news website was split from Wired magazine in the 1990s. The site provides in-depth coverage of trends in technology and its effect on business, entertainment, science and society apart from technology. The site hosts a collection of blogs focused on technology. It also holds the vapourware awards, awarded to products which never release but are officially not cancelled too. More info

Most of these websites operate mostly on the advertising revenue which they get from other companies. There are many other technology news websites which operate in a same manner and have their own features. With modern age and the generation’s inclination towards technology, such sites have a huge market worldwide.

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