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Top 10 Reality TV shows of all time

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-08-09
A Reality Television is a category of television programming which supports unscripted content and true events. This genre covers a wide range of formats based on game show, a quiz, talent showcasing etc. In the early 2000’s the reality shows gained a lot of popularity with their viewership when the production houses started streaming new shows. In 2001, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences added the reality genre to the Emmy Awards with the category of Outstanding Reality Program. Many shows are still running because of high ratings they enjoy. The top 10 Reality Shows of all time are:

10 Survivor:

Item 10

Produced in many countries throughout the world, the format of this reality television show was created in 1992. The contestants are taken to an undisclosed location usually an isolated island filled with wilderness and are divided in tribes. They are made to compete with each other individually or in tribes for cash and elimination. The show follows a system of successive eliminations where contestants eliminate other members of the show until one remains who is titled the winner. More info

9 Idol Series:

Item 9

The Idol Series was first created in the UK under the name of Pop Idol. A reality television show singing competition, it has elements of mass auditioning and judge’s panel in search of a new star. The contestants are selected during the auditions and showcase their musical talent throughout the show’s duration. The main element is the audience who decides which contestant can proceed further and ultimately win. More info

8 Big Brother:

Item 8

Another reality show which has become a worldwide TV franchise; Big Brother airs in many countries in varying adaptions. A group of people live together in a house for a period of three months where their every action is recorded in cameras. The contestants are not allowed to make any contact with the outside world and do all the household chores along with the tasks assigned by Big Brother which is a voiceover. A contestant is evicted every week by the others till one remains. There are various editions of the game in which celebrities are the contestants too. More info

7 Fear Factor:

Item 7

The original Dutch version was called Now or Neverland in 1998 which was later changed to Fear Factor in 2001 when aired on American television. Fear Factor is a sports dare reality show and pits contestants against each other in a range of stunts for a grand prize. There have been international adaptions of this show and in many countries it has covered multiple seasons. More info

6 Dancing with the Stars:

Item 6

Distributed by BBC Worldwide; Dancing with the stars is the name of several international television series with similar format. The show pairs professional dancers with a celebrities and each pair has to compete by performing different dance styles every week. The pair with the lowest score given by judges and audience vote is eliminated on weekly basis. More info

5 The Amazing Race:

Item 5

Created in 2001, the original series of this show was first broadcasted in the United States after which it branched out to a number of international versions. In this game show, teams of two people race around the world to compete with other people. The teams travel to multiple countries in various modes of transportation where they perform tasks and challenges related to the culture of the country. Teams are eliminated progressively until three are left. The time that arrives first in the grand finale wins the prize. More info

4 Man vs. Wild:

Item 4

Produced by a British television production company, this survivor television series was first broadcasted in 2006. Each episode of the series is shown in a documentary manner. The show is hosted by Bear Grylls who is left stranded in a region. The format follows his effort to use his surviving skills and find his way back to civilization. Bear Grylls talks about all the surviving strategy in a particular region and shows the viewers the best way to make use of the surrounding resources. Hugely popular among all the age groups, this show is broadcasted in many countries in Discovery Channel. More info

3 MasterChef:

Item 3

Originally produced in UK in 1990, this cooking game show is now produced in more than 35 countries. MasterChef Australia is the most prominent one as it is aired in many countries. There are many versions of the format: the main series, one involving the celebrities, one involving the professionals and one involving the kids. This one also follows a format of progressive elimination where a contestant is excluded each week by a judging panel. More info

2 Next Top Model:

Item 2

A fashion based reality show produced in many countries, the original one was created by famous model Tyra Banks by the name of America’s Next Top Model. 10-25 contestants compete in this modelling competition whose winners receive a contract with major modelling agencies along with cover shoots and fashion spreads in fashion magazines. More info

1 The Real World:

Item 1

One of the longest running MTV show, it is currently in its 27th season. Broadcasted in 1992, it is credited with launching the modern reality TV genre. It deals with subjects relevant to its core audience, the young adults. Issues like prejudice, sexuality, AIDS and substance abuse are covered in the show. Now it has moved on to showcase immature and irresponsible behaviour as its main content. More info

Some of the reality shows are doing pretty well with the ratings and viewer’s popularity. But slowly the ratings are going low especially with prolonged seasons of the same show. The developers are coming up with creative ideas and new twists to keep the viewers clued in to the show. Also, with competition around the same format; many reality shows are including scripted antics to spice up the episodes. This is usually met with a lot of negative feedbacks as the reality in the show is no longer evident. But with more shows focussing on incidents experienced in day to day life, the creativity for making a reality show is huge.

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