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Top 10 Water-Sports

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-31
Water Sporting is one of the most adventurous activities. Most people prefer this over other activities and it is really interesting to engage in water-sporting indulge in water sports with your family and friends. Water sports are not only fun but also helps you stay fit and healthy. You just need to have the enthusiasm to plunge into those waters. Here is a list of the top 10 water sports that are thrilling and exciting:

10 Banana Boat Riding

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Also called as a water sled, a banana boat is a boat that can be inflated and is meant for towing. Discovered by Glenn Matthews, it boasts some exceptionally good models. Some of these models can accommodate 3 to 10 riders as well. The main tube is generally bright yellow and banana shaped. Some models may even possess two main tubes. Before enjoying the banana boat riding, the riders are recommended to wear life jackets as it is all about overturning the boat. Though it involves overturning of the boat, it is considered safer than water-skiing and other similar water sports. Children below 4 years are advised not to go for this sport as it can be dangerous. More info on Wikipedia

9 Wakeboarding

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A superb combination of snow -boarding, surfing and water skiing techniques, wake-boarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of water. Formerly called as skurfing, it was developed in the 1980s in Australia. The boarder is generally towed behind a motorboat; depending on the rider’s weight and water conditions the motorboat is driven at a casual speed of seventeen to twenty four miles per hour. The speed can also depend on the time of the year, the boat model and type of tricks. It is the thing for those who like adventure as well as safe and comfortable water sporting. More info

8 River Rafting

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Also called White water rafting, it is a tough recreational water sport. It uses a raft that can be inflated to navigate water bodies. This exciting sport is usually practiced on rough water surfaces. This thrilling water sport has come to limelight since 1970s. One needs to be careful while practicing rafting as it is considered as one the most dangerous water sports. More info on Wikipedia

7 Scuba-Diving

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Scuba-diving is a conventional form of under-water diving in which the concept breath-hold and air-pumped from the surface has successfully been replaced by a scuba set which allows you to breathe easily. In this way the sport is better than free-diving and snorkeling. The scuba sets carry compressed air which furnishes underwater breathing. If necessary the diver may also employ swim fins for faster movement. It is a good sport to try and is one of the safest water sports. More info

6 Swimming

Item 6

The records of swimming fossilizes back to the Stone Age paintings that is some 7000 years ago. Some of its earliest references may include the Iliad, the Bible, the Gilgamesh and various other sagas. The fundamentals of swimming include the concepts of buoyancy and hydrodynamics. There are essentially two ways to swim faster, first to increase power and second is to avoid water resistance. This basic sport gives you a smooth ride on the water-surface and is good for all age-groups. If you want a hassle-free experience of water-sporting and are afraid of more aggressive sports, then this is the thing for you. Go and enjoy a peaceful sporting experience with your friends and family! More info

5 Cable Skiing

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Cable skiing is a modern form of skiing on the surface of water which was invented by a German engineer Bruno Rixen. Here the skier’s handle and rope are pulled via electricity while in the ancient times it was pulled using a motorboat. The mechanics involve two parallel cables running together which carriers the skier between them. The carriers are made up from metal tubes that can hook up ropes with the riders. The mechanism is smooth and efficient as the towed ropes are attached and detached at the same time without dampening the speed of the system. The cable is suspended eight to nine meters above water that gives a unique feel to the skier. It surely is the most exciting and adventurous water sport. More info

4 Jet Skiing

Item 4

Jet skiing is a one of the most adventurous adrenaline rushing sport. It employs a jet powered scooter which moves on the surface of the water with very high speed. It is very easy to work with this scooter, although you may be accompanied by an instructor. Once you have learnt to control the ski as per the direction of the waves be ready to witness ultimate fun. More info

3 Para-sailing

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Also known as parascending, parasailing is an adrenaline stimulating recreational activity. The person is towed behind a boat or some other vehicle whilst attached to a specially created big canopy wing known as the parasail wing. The vehicle then drives off and the person actually flies in air. This sport developed in 1980s and has received much attention since then. More info

2 Snorkeling

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In simple words snorkeling is a new style of swimming. In it you need to swim on or through water body wearing a diving mask, a snorkel which is a 30 cm long tube and swim fins. In cold places a wet suit may also be worn. In tropical climates snorkeling is a very popular recreational activity. The mission of this sport is to let the “snorkeler” explore the magnificent underwater marine life without heavy equipment. Snorkeling can be practiced by people of all age groups because it requires little effort. If you want to spend your vacations peacefully and in the lap of nature, then this is the thing for you. It brings you in direct and friendly contact with nature and its wonderful bounties. It is a sport of its own kind which can be enjoyed on a family vacation. More info

1 Kite Surfing

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Kite Surfing, also known as kite boarding is a very adventurous water sport which is a combination of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics and paragliding. In it wind power propels a rider across the water on the kite board, a small surfboard. There are numerous styles of Kite boarding such as free ride, course racing, freestyle, wake style and wave-riding. A kite surfer employs a board with/without foot-straps and the rider is propelled by a large controllable kite. Kite surfing enables you to ride in water in style by keeping good amount of control. It makes your experience with water very enriching and entertaining. For all those who love physical activities and love to challenge the waves, this is just the perfect thing. More info on Wikipedia

Water sporting is attracting the attention of more and more people all over the world, hence the need of more and more water sports. The above sports will give a great treat and make your experience with water a memorable one. Be it calm and peaceful sporting or the adventurous one, there are innumerable things to be experienced in water. So choose a sport and make that dive inside the world of adventure, thrill and ecstasy. Have a good sport!

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