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Top Top 10 Board Games of All Time

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-29
We have covered top 10 board games of 2012 and we feel that there are really great board games of all time out there we should cover. Some in this list, we are sure you already know. Some might be new to you unless you are a board game enthusiast. Regardless of your degree of love with board games, we present you with top 10 board games of all time.

10 Steam

Item 10

An updated version of Age of Steam, Steam is in the same family of rail games as Railrood Tycoon. This game plays very similar to Age of Steam but with modification to some of its artworks and mechanics. You play as a tycoon and build railroads in steel cities like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and others. Make money quickly from rail tracks, track your incomes, build new tracks and train stations, add enhancements to your shipping and trading deadlines - the road to riches is yours to take for any wanna-be railroad tycoons. More info

9 Twister

Item 9

Twister is the kind of board game that can make guys hit a certain level of maturity when they play with hot members of the opposite sex. Technically, the game consists of a mat with different colored circles on it. One designated person will spin the spinner to choose which body part has to be placed on which color. The objective of the game is to stay balanced on the designated circles, regardless of how hard it is or how many people are blocking your way. If you fall, you are out. The last one standing will be the winner. It is really a fun game when you play with more people, but when hot members of two opposite sexes play together, it gets even more fun! More info on Wikipedia

8 Puerto Rico

Item 8

Puerto Rico is best played with 4 to 5 players, and originally from German. The goal is to collect victory points by shipping your goods to the Europe and constructing buildings. You have to focus on building your own properties and the game also allows players to choose a different role, such as builder, settler, mayor, craftsman, captain, prospector, or trader. Endings can be different in several ways, when either victory points have depleted, when there aren't enough colonists, or when one player builds in and controls all 12 spots in his own city. More info on Wikipedia

7 Risk

Item 7

A strategic board game originally produced by Parker Brothers and now part of Hasbro's family of board games, Risk was invented by a French film director Albert Lamorisse. It is a turn-based game for up to six players and minimum two players. There are several versions of this game. The standard version is played on a board with illustration of a political map of our planet Earth, divided into 42 territories which are grouped into six continents. The primary objective? Ultimate "world domination". Basically, occupy all territories and eliminate your rivals. The results and actions are determined by dice rolling so there is a high chance of randomness. More info

6 Ticket to Ride

Item 6

One of the most popular board games published within the last decade, Ticket to Ride is another railway-themed German style game. Suitable for 2 to 5 players, each player will choose different destination cards and thus creating their end goal for the game. Players will have to try to connect their different destinations, collect different cards as they play. Those cards will determine the value and longevity of each train route. The game will end when a player has used all of their train pieces. Who has the most completed railway routes at the end will be announced as the winner. It is very in-depth game, and really fun even if just two of you are playing. More info

5 Pandemic

Item 5

This is in fact one of our favourite games. Pandemic is a co-operative game where all of you lose or win. Best played with 4 players, each player will be assigned as one of 5 possible specialties: a dispatcher who can send any other players to anywhere, a medic who can contain outbreak areas, a scientist who need 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it, and an operation specialist who can build research labs. When more than 7 outbreaks occur, you lose. To win, you will have to discover the cure for all four diseases. This is in fact a truly cooperative game. More info

4 The Settlers of Catan

Item 4

Another co-operative board game, Settlers of Catan is best suited for 3 to 4 players and no one will be eliminated. Th goal is to earn 10 victory points in a player's turn. You can collect and trade resource cards. The premise of Settlers of Catan is that you are building a civilization on the island of Catan, and there are more than one way to take the lead for all players. One of the very in-depth and most popular board games, it also offers really fun experiences to any players. More info

3 Scrabble

Item 3

Scrabble is a word game playable by two to four players to score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board. You can form the words across and down in crossword fashion, and standard dictionary words must be used. There is an official reference list of permissble words so that no one can cheat by inventing new words or using foreign words. Over 150 million sets have been sold worldwide so we can easily guess the popularity. And we didn't really need to explain how to play this game, isn't? More info on Wikipedia

2 Monopoly

Item 2

Another wildly popular board game, Monopoly is in fact played by people who have never played any other kinds of board games. The title reflects what you have to do, to monopolize the market. It is actually a redesigned of an earlier game named The Landlord's Game. The game can actually teach you rudimentarily about how market works, how monopolies will end up bankrupting the rest and giving massive amount of wealth to selected few individuals and investing in real estate. More than one billion people, which is about 1/6 of the world's population, have played the game, making it the most played commercial board game in the whole world. More info on Wikipedia

1 Chess

Item 1

The only reason Monopoly is in #2 position is because of Chess. This is a classic and timeless board game of all time. If you don't know what chess is, you are probably from another planet or have teleported to our era using a time machine you found in Atlantis. Chess is a two player game played on a chessboard using 16 pieces. But we won't explain it any further since if you are really from another planet, you are probably busy plotting to invade our planet. More info on Wikipedia

It takes us so much mental effort to stop playing Monopoly and Pandemics to start writing this list. In fact, we feel that there are at least 7 other games which should be in top board games of all time list. But we have a limited estate in this article, so we firmly believe that all ten contenders in this list are in their rightful spots. If you feel otherwise, do let us know in the comments below.

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