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Top 10 Gun Brands

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-28
In this world of savvy competition, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between a quality product and a lemon. The same goes for gun brands also. It is legal to own guns only if you have a valid license to own it from the government and related agencies. If you are planning to buy a gun as it is a prized possession for most then here is the list of top 10 gun brands to choose from:

10 Heckler & Koch (HK)

Item 10

Heckler and Koch is a very popular Germany based defense manufacturing company brand which manufactures superior semi-auto arms for military, police and civilian use. Some of their products are MP5 submachine gun, the MP7 personal defense weapon, the G36 assault rifle and G3 automatic rifle. HK is a very innovative manufacturer firearm industry, for instance it employs polymers for weapon designing and flashlights on the handguns. It has also invented conventional polygonal rifling, known for the high precision, long barrel life and fast muzzle velocity. HK has a whole range from pistols to huge launchers to machine guns. More info

9 E.M.F.

Item 9

E.M.F. is known for its unmatchable stylish western designs which it imports from some reputed Italian gun manufacturers. They are the best in “cowboy” guns since 1956. Early and Modern Firearms, Inc. (E.M.F.) at the time of its establishment was known to supply guns and revolvers which were to be seen on the big screen. EMF took over as a major distributor and manufacturer and then reproduced the very famous Colt Model 1873 SAA. Its endless efforts have culminated to the introduction of the Great Western II, a genuine copy of the 1873 Colt. The mission of the E.M.F. is to bring quality, credible, reliable and safe firearms at very descent prices. The watershed product of E.M.F. “Cowboy Way” is to provide amiable and personal customer service. The phenomenal growth of the sport Cowboy Action Shooting has led to the increased demand for its products. More info

8 Dan Wesson

Item 8

Originally an American revolver manufacturing brand, DW is also known for producing an excellent quality clone of 1911. The company is now owned by the CZ. The products of DW speak their value themselves. So easy to deal with, the original revolver concept features sleeved barrel which a user can change from 6 inch to 4 inch or even to 2 inch barrel in a couple of minutes. Their 1911’s are one of their best products. More info

7 CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka)

Item 7

A brand of some gorgeous guns from the Czech Republic, CZ manufactures the very remarkable CZ-75 and other quality semi-autos. The name of CZ is spreading like a forest fire amongst the youth, not just because of its low price but also because of its sumptuous qualities. More info

6 Colt Firearms

Item 6

Discovered and built by Samuel Colt, one can say that Colt Firearms is one thing America is known for. The very famous revolver, the Colt Single Action Army was a watershed in the history of the Colt Firearms. Its 1911 pistol has revolutionized the handgun market. The year 1960 was embellished with yet another astonishing invention of: the Colt AR15/M16 rifle. Since its establishment the Colt has manufactured over 35 million pistols, rifles and revolvers. Presently they manufacture awesome quality single-action revolvers, the Python, the Anaconda and the 1911 pistols. Owing to its high-costs many of its products have limited markets, while some of the products have become “market-bereft”. For example the double-action revolvers have been shattered due to their super high costs. But still there products have earned fame due to their exceptionally good qualities. More info

5 Browning

Item 5

A yet another American brand which is known for its superior standards of reliability, credibility and workmanship! It manufactures the very popular Buck Mark 0.22 and Browning Hi-Power 9mm. More info

4 Bond Derringer

Item 4

An American brand, Bond produces derring-do weapons that have only limited lifetime. But these guns are robust possessing some extra features, especially that they are ultra-quick (may be faster than light). One can also change the caliber by swapping barrel units. Most of them today are made from zinc alloys, and are known to work pretty well. Albeit they are little expensive for a 2-shot gun but they boast some splendid features like a trigger guard, a cross-bolt safety, chambering and grip options make them superb guns. Unless you require a small gun you can spend money on these descent quality .38 or 9mm guns. They make the best derringers on this planet for sure! More info

3 Bersa

Item 3

Founded in mid-1950 by Savino Caselli, Ercole Montini and Benso Bonadimani, the three engineer Italian immigrants. In the initial stages, Bersa manufactured parts for the now extinct Argentina based company, Ballester Molina. Their first handgun was designed by Luce and Antonovich, who named it “Luan”. While the first handgun didn’t do well in the market, it was in 1959 when the first 22 Long Rifle hit the market hard. The pistol named “Modelo 60” made extremely good sales. Since then the firm has never looked back and went on to earn a respectable position in the firearm manufacturing world. In 1989 the firm invented the first full size combat pistol, Model 90. Bersa is a wonderful gun brand from Argentina and now produces quality pistols of various dimensions. It is well-known for its .380 compact pistol as well as numerous other .45 and 9 mm caliber pistols. More info

2 Beretta

Item 2

A brand from Italy, Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta is known for its amazing quality of the semi-autos. The firearms are used all over the globe for various uses like law enforcement, civilian and military purposes. Beretta is the oldest active firearms manufacturer in the entire world. Today the proprieties of Beretta are Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons, Pietro and Franco. It manufactures a phenomenal pistol named “U.S. Military M9 Pistol” which is based on its 92FS model. A very reputed brand, one must surely consider it before buying a gun for him. More info

1 Armscor

Item 1

Worldwide, Armscor is the best in ammunition and the firearm products. The firm employs ordnance steel, craftsmanship and the CNC (Computerized Numerical Control). At Armscor, quality makes all the difference! A brand from Philippines, it produces a quality pistols under the names of “Hi-standard and “Rock Island”. Revolvers are of secondary quality and very rough, that is they certainly cannot be used by an inexperienced player. Armscor brand is known for its excellent customer service. So if you are planning to buy a gun for yourself nothing can be better than an Armscor branded gun! More info

Now be your own bodyguard by owning some gorgeous guns from these amazing brands! Give it a shot!

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