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Top 10 Fashion Designers Of 2012

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-26
Today the world hosts some of the most incredible fashion designers. Fashion designers not only design clothes but dreams too. These designers have been in vogue for a while because of their hard work, creativity and playfulness. Here in this list we will discuss some of the amazing designers, designers who not only created clothes but also created dreams in 2012:

10 Marc Jacobs

Item 10

Head designer of the “Marc by Marc Jacobs” Louis Vuitton”, “Diffusion Line” and “Marc“ Jacobs.” belongs to a Jewish family. In 2010 this designer was acknowledged by the Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. Marc Jacobs tasted success at a very tender age; whilst he was still a student at the Parson College of Design he displayed his first collection of knit wears and went on to become one of the most incredible fashion designers of the world. More info on Wikipedia

9 Betsey Johnson

Item 9

Widely known for her capricious and whimsical designs, Johnson primarily designs for women. Most of her designs are super glossy and highly embellished. Holding a deep knowledge of costumes, her name was mentioned in the “fashion walk of fame” in 2002. Post this achievement Johnson extended her business by including accessories, scarves, hats and handbags in her collection. She is widely known for doing a cart wheel at the end of her fashion shows. More info on Wikipedia

8 Kate Spade

Item 8

Co-founder of the world famous brand “Kate Spade New York”, Kate Spade is one of the most versatile fashion designer the fashion industry hosts till date. An intelligent lady, she holds a journalism degree from the Arizona State University. She is renowned for her chic-bags. Her bags contain an oomph factor and are widely popular throughout the world. Kate Spade and Joel Franklin launched their New York-based design company "Kate spade handbags" in January 1993. As the name suggests they started out with handbags but eventually included stationary, shoes, beauty products, address books, raincoats, eyewear, apparels etc. Spade has also won very many awards in her career. In 1996, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Kate "America's New Fashion Talent in Accessories" for her classy designs. More info

7 Tom Ford

Item 7

A man that can excel simply at anything, Tom Ford is a former architecture graduate. He saved “Gucci” which was on the verge of extinction and is presently the owner to the first-class brand “Tom Ford”. A stylish innovator, he is very important in the pop culture for giving a style statement to many pop artists. Other than fashion, Ford is an amazing actor. He has acted for many commercials. He now owns his own production company and has also directed an Academy Award nominated film, “A single man”. Thus, an actor, director, producer and yet an amazing fashion designer. More info

6 Ralph Lauren

Item 6

One exceptional phenomenon happened to fashion industry is Ralph Lauren. Widely known for his brand “Polo Ralph Lauren” he is one of the greatest fashion designers. Born as Ralph Lipschitz in New York, he earned fame when he introduced a half-sleeved t-shirt with a logo of Polo on it. More info on Wikipedia

5 Coco Chanel

Item 5

A leading lady of the fashion industry, Coco Chanel is a French designer popular for her famous brand “Chanel”. Coco has carved out a niche for herself in the 21st century fashion world owing to her modern thoughts, practical and simple designs. She was born to an unwed mother and her early life went through many crusts and troughs. She is the lady that replaced tight corsets with elegant wears. She is known for her sleek and trendy women apparels. More info

4 Giorgio Armani

Item 4

A trend setter, Giorgio Armani is known for his revolutionary brand which was set up back in 1975. He is also the first designer to put a ban on the models that have BMI under 18. A great fashion designer, he is particularly noted for his men’s wear. He is famous for his clean, well-tailored lines. In 2001 he was acknowledges as the best designer gift of Italy with a turnover of about 1.6 billion dollars annually! More info

3 Valentino Garavani

Item 3

The owner of the famous brand “Valentino Spa”, Valentino Garavani is a living legend. An Italian designer Garavani is best known for designing some of the best clothes for some of the famous celebrities round the globe. His designs are simply unmatchable. A fashion Icon, his main lines include Valentino, Valentino Garavani, R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino Roma. The fashion king realized his talent and interest while he was in his primary school in Voghera, Italy. He was an apprentice under his Aunt Rosa and designer Ernestina Salvadeo. He took up some jobs at the Jean Desses after completing his studies. Then he opened a fashion house in Rome in 1960. Towards the end of the year he met Giammetti, an architecture student of his university. They both became partners and took over the reins of the fashion world. More info

2 Donatella Versace

Item 2

The vice-president and the chief designer of the Versace Group, Donatella is the first designer to use A-celebrities for her fashion shows as against unnamed models. While promoting her brand in Hollywood she prefers choosing Madonna, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez rather than nameless models. Owning more than 20 per cent of the shares of the Versace Group, this stupendous designer has done cameo roles in some fashion related Hollywood movies like the Zoolander. More info on Wikipedia

1 Calvin Klein

Item 1

CK, Calvin Klein! Yes, you got it right! This outstanding brand was founded by Calvin Klein, an American fashion designer in 1968. His career got an engine when he opened a store for men and women coats in New York City. Since then he has never looked back and has went on to reach the zenith’s height. In fact, CK is presently ruling the fashion industry with its sleek and ultra-trendy designs. Therefore, this man truly deserves the number one position in this prestigious list of incredible fashion designers 2012. More info on Wikipedia

These designers are the priceless jewels of the fashion industry since several years and shone even brighter in 2012.

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