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Top 10 Bizzare Teas You Didn't know people drank

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-24
Among the beverages people drink, tea is one of the healthiest beverage and most affordable as well. Many civilizations around the world drink tea, and in particular Oriental civilizations have deeply rooted tea drinking culture. Generally, a tea is made from green tea leaves, but there are many other teas made from other types of leaves and ingredients. In this list, we compiled ten bizzare or strange teas that people drink. However, the definition of "bizzare" is taken at its broadest sense, and things can only be bizzare when they are taken out of cultural context. Without further ado, we present you the top 10 bizzare teas you didn't know people drink.

10 Kombucha

Item 10

Kombucha is in fact a Russian tea, and famous for its sour taste. It is also known as "tea cider" and "tea kvass" and supposedly from the area on Russian and North Eastern China border which was famous as "Manchuria" in the past. The Kombucha is made from sweet black tea fermented with a mixture of yeasts and bacteria. The exact mixture is not known to outsiders so it still remains a mystery. In some literatures, it is stated that Kombucha was introduced by traveling sailors in Latvia back in 1911. More info on Wikipedia

9 Russian Brick Tea

Item 9

If you are thinking of tea made with huge bricks, your imagination isn't too far from the truth. The name actually reflects how this tea is made. Black tea dust will be compressed into rock hard tablets (hence the name: Brick Tea), then when you want to have a cup of tea, just grate off a corner into your cup and pour down boiling water. It used to be a common way to transport tea in Tsarist Russia, nowadays it has been reduced to mere novelty or decorative item. There are a few factories still producing this, but sadly the Russian Brick Tea is now fading into obscurity. More info

8 Pu-erh

Item 8

This Chinese tea used to be very exotic but now it's becoming better known in the world of tea lovers. Pu-erh is in fact a green tea slowly aged using a fungus, and now Chinese government only acknowledge Pu-erh produced in Yunnan province as the authentic one. Pu-erh is available as loose leaves, thick rectangular block, or a round disc-shaped which looks like a cake. In fact, carefully aged Pu-erh are one of the most expensive teas on Earth. More info

7 Awabancha

Item 7

Awabancha is fermented with lactic acid bacteria on Japan's Shikoku island, and somewhat similar to Laphet which is a pickled tea leaf salad from Myanmar. However, Laphet in Myanmar is consumed as a salad or condiment with a meal, while Awabancha is consumed as a beverage. What makes this tea unusual is its processing methods. Check out more information link for elaborated details of production methods of Awabancha. More info

6 Kukicha

Item 6

Usually stalks, twigs and stems of green tea are used as fertilizers in other countries. But Japan blend them to create a unique tea called Kukicha. As parts of tea plants usually excluded in other teas are found in this tea, you will find that the taste and aroma are very unique in a pleasant way. Regular Kukicha comes from Sencha or Matcha regions. More info on Wikipedia

5 Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger

Item 5

This is essentially a mixture of small amount of liquor and black tea (Chinese black tea Pu'erh, not what Westerners call as black tea which in fact is red tea in Orient). Usually, caffeine and alcohol mixed together can be very unhealthy if both are in large doses. It is essential to only use large amount of one and small amount of the other, just like Irish coffee with Bailey. The alcohol can be any, but Brandy is touted as the best tasting in Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger tea. Only put in 1/2 or 1/4 of your alcohol bottle's lid in tea cup and the rest should be boiled tea. It is also important to put in alcohol first and tea later, not in reverse. More info

4 Pocha

Item 4

Mostly seen in Tibet region, this is essentially tea with Yak butter as a substitute for milk. Tea drinking is one of the core elements of Tibetan culture and Pocha is in fact very warming drink which is suited for cold weather in Tibet. The tea also gives you high caloric energy, as well as protection from chapped lips since it has butter.However, the butter should be from Yak or else it will just create a greasy film. Bhutan is also known for drinking Pocha. More info on Wikipedia

3 Garlic Tea

Item 3

This is one bizzare tea, actually. Because of the taste and smell, not many people would eat garlic raw, let alone drinking as a tea. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie drink garlic tea to shed her extra fat after giving birth. Garlic is linked with many health benefits but we cannot find any regarding weight loss or change in metabolism. And how you make one such drink while suppressing the taste is still a mystery for us, but do chime in the comments below if you know. More info

2 Panda Dung Tea

Item 2

If you see brewing massive Panda poops into small tea pots, then your imagination has run way too wild. Panda Dung Tea is not what you might imagine to be, but rather green tea grew by using Panda poop as sole fertilizer. An Yanshi, a businessman in southwest China is growing green tea using Panda poop in Sichuan province and planning to sell at luxurious price - $3,500 for 50 grams. To illustrate, most tea drinkers use about 3 grams of tea per cup but the price is still very hefty. Despite the weirdness, Panda poop is in fact very good organic fertilizer since these lovely bears only eat wild bamboo and absorb only a tiny amount of nutrients in their food, and the rest are excreted. More info

1 Dry Bubble Ice Tea

Item 1

The only reason Panda Dung Tea gets #2 spot is because of this, which is in fact not just bizzare but can be also very lethal. In Beijing, there are cafes selling dry ice bubble tea. If you are wondering what dry ice is, it is basically forzen CO2 which looks just like ice, and frozen at the coldest temperature ever measured on our planet - -78.5 °C. However, to touch the dry ice, it can result in frozen flesh and painful burns for you because very cold temperature is not much different from very hot one. These drinks are served with an extra wide straw, since they must be sipped and not slurped. It will take one incredibly stupid or ignorant person to try this drink, but currently they are sold in Beijing right in the public. More info

While many contenders in our list are more of exotic and less bizzare, we feel that they can be seen as bizzare in universal sense. However, #2 and #1 are definitely the most bizzare teas we have ever seen. If you know any other teas that are weird, bizzare or exotic, do let us know in the comments below.

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