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Top 10 hit men (who got caught)

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-23
When a murder becomes a business, it becomes more ruthless and cruel. Let us have a look at the top ten gangsters who took killings as their business.

10 Richard “ Ice Man” Kuklinski:

Item 10

Kuklinski gained this infamy in his teenage when he was a notorious kid who murdered people in Manhattan just for fun. He committed his first crime at a tender age of fourteen. He either shot or stabbed people and left them to the mercy of nature. His uncanny reputation soon caught the eyes of many mafia families like the Gambino crime family. They thought of utilizing his talent to their benefit by hiring him on a contract basis, thus took place the birth of one of the most dangerous hit man of all times. It is believed that the “Ice Man” had murdered over 200 men in his life. But the serial killer was ironically kind hearted as he never touched any woman or children. The mafia was soon awarded for his awful deeds, he was five times sent to jail where he died naturally.

9 Abe “Kid Twist” Reles:

Item 9

Reles was involved in smuggling and all sorts of illicit activities right from his teenage. His involvement in boot-legging earned him a good name in the world of organized crime. He was the most important member of the Murder Inc, a secret troop of contract killers. During the 1930s he used to kill people for various New York crime families. He used a wicked and a fatal weapon of ice to murder people. He was a psycho as he killed people impulsively. For instance, once he killed a parking lot attendant because he was late in getting his car. At other time he killed his friend after a peaceful supper just out of no reason. By 1940 Reles faced many charges and arrests for his numerous killings. More info on Wikipedia

8 Guiseppe Greco :

Item 8

Greco was an Italian gangster who worked as a hit man in Italy in the 1970s. As against other hitmen, he worked while he was fleeing away from the cops. A fugitive for most of his career, he worked in alliance, often called “death squads” with other gangsters. He was declared guilty when he completed his 58th murder. His precarious killings once involved the murder of a child and his father in which he dissolved their bodies in the acid. By the end of 1970s Greco earned a huge name in the Mafia Commission. He was killed in 1985 in his home by the two former members of his Death squad. More info on Wikipedia

7 Joseph Barboza:

Item 7

Nicknamed as “the animal”, he was the most feared mobster of the 1950s. He has personally killed more than 26 people. He was so ferocious that during one quarrel in a night he even bit out a part of a man’s cheek. Ewe! In 1950 he was convicted for 5 years at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute. Post release, he came in close contact with the big time mafia gangs and started his own burglary rings. It was during this time only that he came in close association with the Patriarca Crime Family. More info on Wikipedia

6 Joe Gallo:

Item 6

Joe Gallo was a very famous, notorious and a crazy hit man belonging to the Profaci crime family of New York. He used to kill without inciting and was involved in numerous contract killings for the Profaci crime family. He was called crazy because of his imitating famous fictitious gangsters. He conspired against the boss of the Profaci crime family, Joseph Profaci. In this attempt, he lost many of his close friends. In 1961 he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. More info on Wikipedia

5 Frank Abbandando:

Item 5

Born in 1910, Frank is known to have committed some 30 murders personally. He was affiliated to the Murder Inc. His most famous assassination was that of George Rudnik. He killed him brutally using a machete. Abbandano started taking work as a contract killer for a very low pay mostly for Abe Reles. Overtime, he became one of the most prolific hit man of the Murder Inc. He was sentenced to death and executed on 19 February 1942.

4 John Scalise:

Item 4

John Scalise is perhaps best known as a part of the Valentine’s Day Massacre when 7 people were brutally beaten up by mobsters. These gangsters were disguised as policemen. When he was 20, he lost his right eye which was later replaced by a glass one. Around 1950s Scalise sought to strengthen his mob ties and began taking up contract killings. This was followed by taking contracts from the Al Capone. He served a 14 year sentence for his killings, where he was harshly beaten up by his prison inmates. More info on Wikipedia

3 Harry “Pittsburgh Phil” Strauss:

Item 3

Affiliated to Murder Inc. he committed some 35 murders. He followed a wicked and unique style of murders. Before killing a person he used to mentally torture him. A highly principled gangster, he never carried a pistol when not working. His most famous assassination was that of Irving “Puggy” Feinstein. He was arrested 18 times prior this murder but it was after this ferocious murder that he got convicted. More info on Wikipedia

2 Frank McErlane:

Item 2

Affiliated to the Saltis-McErlane gang, Al Capone in Chicago he committed some 30 murders. He was nicknamed as the most brutal gunman by the Illinois Crime Survey. He was first arrested in 1911 and was sent to the Pontiac Prison in June 1913. His most known assassination was of Spike O’Donnell in 1925. The weapons he used for killing was mysterious for the police officers who were not able to gauge it.

1 Giovanni Brusca:

Item 1

He was one of the most ruthless and heartless criminals of all times. He used to enjoy the pain of others. Over 200 men were killed by him. He was associated with the underground mafias from a very young age. He was a party to the famous murder of anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Falcone in 1992. He flew away from the judiciary when sentenced to life imprisonment. But he was ultimately caught in a small house in the countryside. More info on Wikipedia

The above are the kings of the dark and bloody history who are responsible for killing dozens and dozens of people.

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