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Top 10 Films Where The Bad Guy Won

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-19
Most movies have generic and predictable ending. Even if you cannot predict the exact plot, you can at least say "Good guys win. Bad guys lose" or "happily ever after". In every movies with good vs. evil kind of plot, good guys always win against all odds after going through so many struggles. It maybe a confidence boost for many people out there but real life doesn't always work the same way. So if you are looking to root for evil, here is the top 10 films for everyone with just an iota of evil at heart.

10 Rosemary's Baby

Item 10

Directed by Roman Polanski, Rosemary's Baby is a classic horror about a young couple who just moved into an apartment with really awful reputation. Surrounded by Satanists, witches and creepy neighbours, Rosemary eventually became pregnant with a child of Satan. When the kid was born, her neighbours screamed "Hail Satan" and she attempted to murder the baby. But then one of her creepy neighbours, Roman, managed to persuade Rosemary and in the end, she ended up giving into her maternal instincts. The bad guy here: Satan. More info on IMDB

9 Brazil

Item 9

This is a dystopian, bizzare, sci-fi movie which is also strangely disturbing. Basically, the protagonist Sam Lowry is a bureaucrat investigating a serious case and ends up becoming a public enemy. His old frind captured him as Sam is now alleged to be a terrorist, and taken to be tortured. However, a guy named Tuttle and other members of the resistance against the government rescued Sam. They escaped together with Sam's lover and left to countryside to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the ending revealed that it is all inside Sam's head who is now catatonic due to tortures. The bad guy here: Dystopian government More info on Wikipedia

8 Identity

Item 8

The movie started out with a group of strangers trapped in a deserted Nevada motel during a nasty storm. Eventually, one-by-one begin to die and it is revealed that these strangers are not different individuals but rather different personalities of one madman. A team of psychologists are attempting to fix this by having the guy exterminate each pesronality until only one is left. If you are reading this article, we bet you already know which personality wins in the end. The bad guy here: the most violent, vile and cruel personality More info on IMDB

7 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Item 7

Although the good guys win in the whole Star Wars series, but at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader managed to cut off one hand of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo got trapped in carbonite by bounty hunter Boba Fett, and the Empire is owning the Rebels throughout this whole movie. The Empire Strikes Back is arguably one of the best Stars Wars films ever and the fact that bad guys win here is a huge factor in its success. The bad guy(s) here: The Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Vader More info on IMDB

6 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Item 6

There is a reason Star Was have two spots in this list. While The Empire Strikes Back is already pretty good contender, Revenge of the Sith is also appropriate since Emperor Palpatine went full-on evil-universe-ruler-mode. He is a master at manipulating people around him, and managed to wipe out most of the Jedis, create the Empire and bring almost the entire galaxy under his rule. The bad guy here: Emperor Palpatine More info on IMDB

5 Saw

Item 5

If we are talking about movies where bad guys triumph in the end, we can't just leave out Saw. If you haven't been living under the rocks for past decade, you already know about Saw. It is basically about a deranged killer who captures people and puts them in situations where they have to make choices - decisions of life-or-death. The catch is that to survive, the price to pay is some form of disfigurement or the loss of a body part. The bad guy here: Jigsaw, the mastermind behind all Saw plots More info on IMDB

4 The Silence of the Lambs

Item 4

Another classic movie with bad guy kicking ass of good guys, The Silence of the Lambs revolves around a serial killer Hannibal Lecter who is also a manipulative genius. A young FBI cadet named Clarice Starling is assigned to hunt down a serial killer called Buffalo Bill who likes to skin his victims and make coats from women's skin. Clarice eventually managed to kill Bill, but Hannibal escapes. The thing here is that Hannibal enjoys eating people, and although the movie doesn't really put Hannibal as an antagonist, he's not someone you want to be running around free. The bad guy here: Hannibal Lecter More info on IMDB

3 Hannibal

Item 3

The sequel of The Silence of the Lambs and it continues to revolve around Hannibal Lecter who is hiding for ten years after the events in the first movie. Agent Starling managed to capture him but he escaped again by chopping his own hand. What did he do in this movie, you say? How about cooking a guy's brain and feed it to him, getting away from the Feds, and feed brains to a kid on a flight? The bad guy here: Hannibal Lecter More info on IMDB

2 The Usual Suspects

Item 2

This is one of the seriously kickass movie with a great ending that will leave your jaws dropped and fists clenched. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist" was the infamous line from this movie. The plot is about a legendary criminal mastermind Keyser Soze who can strike fear into the hearts of men from the criminal world. A quite, crippled conman named Verbal Kint tells a highly detailed story about five criminals plotting a revenge operation against the police for wrong allegations to an agent named Kujan. After the testimonial ended, agent Kujan figured one guy from the five criminals is Keyser Soze and lets Verbal go. To his horrow, Kujan found out that the story from Verbal is made up from things Verbal saw on the wall. Verbal already left when Kujan got a fax of how Soze looks like, which is a drawing of Verbal. The bad guy here: Keyser Soze a.k.a Verbal Kint More info on IMDB

1 Se7en

Item 1

The plot centers around the seven deadly sins and a serial killer targeting people who have committed one of those sins. The killer uses creative and genius ways to kill the victims. His methods are also unique for each sins; for instance, the victim of Gluttony was forced to eat spaghetti hoops to death. Now how is that for awesomely inventive killing methods? After killing 5 victims for 5 sins, namely Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Greed, and Sloth, the serial killer John Doe turns himself into the police. Soaked in blood, John Doe asks the detectives to take him to the next two bodies and says he will then confess. At the same time, a van arrives with a mysterious package which contains the decapitated body of Mills' (the detective) wife. John Doe tells Mill that he has killed her and thus causing Mills to shoot him to death. In the grand scheme of John Doe, himself was Envy (since he killed Mills' wife out of jealousy) and by killing him, Mills becomes Wrath. So even though John Doe was killed, his masterplan still succeeds. The bad guy here: John Doe More info on IMDB

Some movies in this list have a clear line between \'good guys\' and \'bad guys\' while the line is blurry for some. However, it is undeniable that all movies in this list will give you a totally different experience from what you usually get. So go grab your popcorns, turn off your mobile, and start rooting for evil once in awhile.

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