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Top 10 Funny Exam Answers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-14
Ever heard of the one, where the teacher asks a student “how does a motor run?” and he replies “Whirrrrrrr”!!! You can call this a brilliant display of a child wit or his sheer innocence. Sure, they make you crack up, but some kids genuinely make these mistakes in exams. What is it that leads to such funny answers? I think it’s just perspective! Everybody has a different way of looking at things, just that somebody’s is funnier than ours. Otherwise, I doubt if any would want to be silly on their own. Most of them are unintentional. These answers have made people flunk out of classes, but on humor quotient and creativity, they have no match! Keep reading if you want to see what sort of funny answers people come up with in examinations.

10 Arctic tales

Item 10

While going through a geography class, the teacher was telling students about the arctic region when she asked a student the next question. And nothing beats this one! Question: Name six animals that live specifically in the Arctic. Answer: Two polar Bears and Four seals! See, nothing wrong in that either! The kid did name six specific animals after all.

9 Smart general awareness

Item 9

Children are quick to link various topics. You can get an idea of this by going through some answers that are even more crazy are: a. Question: In which battle did Napoleon die? Answer: In his last battle b. Question: in which state does River Thames flow? Answer: In the liquid state c. What is the main reason for divorce? Answer: Marriage d. Question: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? Answer: At the bottom of the page Now, did the student answer anything wrong? He just took the question literally! Going from his perspective he did answer all the questions and that too with complete honesty.

8 More mathematics

Item 8

We all know how much small children love mathematics. Question: what is the difference between sum and remainder? Answer: Sum is what you get when you add all the number, remainder is an animal that brings Santa to our homes. The small kid confused remainder with a reindeer. At one level it is positively cute and innocent, but it definitely is funny!

7 Going back to chemistry

Item 7

Following a lengthy question that had various parts and sub parts, what does one exasperated student do? Find out below. Question: What is the purpose of adding diluted Sulfuric acid? Answer: To confuse the students! This can just be the most honest answer that a student who is bored of chemistry class can give.

6 And another of these mathematical geniuses

Item 6

Question: How do you change centimeters to meter? Answer: Take out the “centi”! Not actually very smart but you can’t stop smiling at this answer.

5 Mathematics quizzes

Item 5

This one you must have read or heard again and again. It is considered a classic in the Mathematics quiz type jokes. So in a typical algebra test, there is a question. Question: expand (a+b) ^n Answer: (a+b) ^n = (a + b) ^n = (a + b) ^n = (a + b) ^n and so on! And this is not wrong if you look at it. The answer is expanding what is asked. Technically, the answer is right. Even teachers were left unanswered after checking this answer.

4 Hard water

Item 4

Jog back into memory for a moment. Remember that lesson in chemistry when we learnt the difference in hard water and soft water and which one is more suitable for washing clothes and drinking. Well, one of the kids who apparently was not listening in class and was probably too smart to be taught anyway, wrote this: Question: What is hard water? Answer: Ice. Well, he is not completely wrong as ice is a form of water and you can’t call it soft by any reasons.

3 Trigonometry trivia

Item 3

Now, let’s take a basic trigonometry example now. Question: The sides of a right angled triangle are marked with their length, except for the hypotenuse, which is marked ‘c’. The question is to find ‘c’. Answer: One smart kid circles the ‘c’ and writes ‘Found It’!! What can you say about such a kid. His mother must have chided him for this.

2 Can an armadillo jump?

Item 2

Here is another one. Question: An armadillo jumps high up into the air with a velocity of 18 feet per second. After how much time will it land on the ground? The answer to this question was “Armadillos don’t jump!” Trust the kids to come up with something like that! The kid was not wrong to say that. We guess the teacher should have used some simpler animal who she was sure that can jump. So would surely be careful next time.

1 If I had an hour to live

Item 1

Following a reading comprehension that depicted tragedy, the teacher put forth a few questions to the class during a test. One of the questions was “If I had one hour to live”. The student was expected to write what he intended to do if he had just one hour to live. One of the students replied, “If I had one hour to live, I would spend it in class because it feels like eternity”. The teacher could do nothing except to get amused by this kid.

These answers come under the ten funniest answers to questions. To be honest, they were not wrong. They were just funny and innocent. You might be having more stories of the funny answers of your kids in their exams. They may not get them the best of grades, but take it a little lightly and see how it lights up your home and the surrounding atmosphere.

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