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Top 10 Ways to Make Good Coffee

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-08
Let's face it. You are a coffee lover. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this post. Fact of the matter is, we love coffee too. Coffee has been an integral part of our lives for a long time. Many of us can't start a day without having a cup of warm coffee at morning. If you are a serious coffee lover, then you probably already know that there are many ways to make a good coffee. Anyone would be dumbfounded by such variety and thus we feel it is our duty to compile a list of top 10 ways to make good coffee. We hope you will find a couple new methods to satiate your coffee addiction.

10 Drip Method

Item 10

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to make coffee, drip method is also one of the most popular as well. You will need a drip coffee maker but then it's such a common appliance in many households. Generally, you just have to put in ground coffee, and pour down hot water into the maker. The water filters through the coffee grounds straight into your mug below. Some coffee makers will have extra filters or steps for added bonus, but this is the basic method. More info

9 French Press

Item 9

Also known as the Cafetiere, French Press method will extract the most flavor from coffee grounds and you get more of the coffee oils in your cup. This method is easy, and you only have to take care of two factors: immersion time and the grind. Usually the immersion time is about three to four minutes. Making one is pretty easy. Just put in ground coffee, pour down hot water and stir. After 3 to 4 minutes, the water will infuse with the coffee grounds. Just skim off as much of the grounds as you can then push down the plunger. More info on Wikipedia

8 Cold Water

Item 8

The name of this method sounds very contradicting given that most of you will prefer a hot coffee, and it's almost impossible to brew cold coffee without making a hot one first. Cold water method will also test your patient, by making you wait 10 to 12 hours. Basically, you mix ground coffee in a large container with water and leave it at room temperature (or chilled water can be used too) for 10 to 12 hours, sometimes even longer if you wish to. Then you just have to filter out the grounds using paper filter, a French press or a fine metal sieve. You will then get a fine coffee concentrate that you can mix with hot water, milk or anything you fancy making. It is noted that cold-brew coffee seems to be sweeter because of its lower acidity. More info

7 Espresso, Cappuccinos and Lattes

Item 7

We are sure all coffee lovers will know this three trio. Even if you don't have a machine to make one at home, a leisurely stroll to Starbucks will always guarantee a cup for you. You will need an espresso machine to make one of this trio. There is nothing technically complicated knowledge or coffee-brewing method you have to master. Just setup the machine, follow the instruction, and be ready to enjoy a cup of steamy espresso. Some modern espresso machines also have function to steam or froth the milk. More info

6 Neapolitan Flip or The Reversible Drip Pot

Item 6

At a first glance, neapolitan flip coffee pot looks much like two coffee pots on top of each other. Oh wait, it is actually two coffee pots on each other. Well, sort of. It is actually a drip coffee maker for the stovetop, and upside-down pot on the top. There is a filler section in the middle to fill with ground coffee. The bottom pot is filled with water, and when it boils, you have to flip over the entire pot. It will make the boiling water filters through the coffee grounds. You can then remove the filter and water-boiling part, leaving you with hot coffee from the remaining pot. You can vary the strength of coffee by using either coarse grounds which will brew quite mild coffee or finely ground roast that gives a stronger flavor. More info

5 Vietnamese Phin

Item 5

Vietnamese coffee is one of the world's best, and you can make one in Vietnamese style even if you don't have Vietnamese coffee beans. All you need is a simple filter called "phin" which you can easily get from most Asian grocery store. Phin, as pictured here, is a simple filter with a cup that you put ontop of your coffee cup. Vietnamese phin is best to use if you just want to make a cup of coffee quick. All it takes is about 4 to 6 minutes from start to finish, provided that you have the right amount of coffee and grind. Making one is very simple. You just have to put finely ground coffee into the phin, and add in hot water. Then the coffee will slowly filter into your coffee cup pre-filled with condense milk. When all is done, just stir the coffee, and you get a sweet and very strong cup of coffee. Oh and the cost for a phin? Just a few bucks. More info

4 Pour-over cone

Item 4

Used in many specialty coffee shops, using pour-over cone can bring out flavors masked in a French press. The method is actually preferred brewing method for Tony Konecny and Oliver Strand. The method is quite easy too, and you only have to steadily pour hot water over coffee grounds which will result in an even extraction. You can purchase a Hario's V60 pour-over cone or Buono kettle, but if you don't want to purchase anything extra, then steady hands and a tea kettle will suffice. More info

3 Aeropress

Item 3

This is one of the proprietary coffee-making tools in this list, but well-worth the #3 spot. It is pretty inexpensive, and you can carry anywhere. On top of that, brewing delicious coffee with Aeropress only takes about a minute or so. The syringe-shaped tool uses air pressure and rapidly extract flavor from the coffee grounds. It only takes a minute and then the coffee will be plunged through a filter. Portability of this device is amazing, and you don't need electricity to use it. It only costs about $30 or so too. More info

2 Clever dripper

Item 2

Clever dripper combines the pour-over cone with the French press. There is a stopper at the bottom so that you can prevent coffee from draining immediately or too quick (as it happens in a pour-over), so you can brew the coffee as long as you want. Since Clever dripper lets you have a full immersion, controlling the coffee's contact time isn't a problem anymore. Plus point is that you don't need to master a pouring technique, and the Clever only costs about $20. More info

1 Roast your own beans

Item 1

Granted, this is not a method of making coffee. But quality roasted beans are essential in a cup of good coffee. Even when you have access to a lot of fresh-roasted, high quality beans, the DIY spirit in you might want to do it your own way. There are several methods to roast your own coffee beans, and easiest one is to put the green beans on a metal tray then put in an oven. Make it as hot as it can go, then take out the beans when you hear the sounds of the beans cracking. Some other methods use popcorn popper or a heat gun, and we will see if we can compile a list of top 10 coffee bean roasting methods. More info

With so many ways to make a cup of good coffee, we believe that this top ten methods will give you enough variety to try to find one that best suits your taste buds. If you have any other great methods, share with us in the comments below!

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