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Top 10 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Are Not

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-07-07
You must have heard that half knowledge is dangerous. This holds more relevance when it comes to food. Even if you have the dedication and determination to eat healthy foods you cannot do much if you do not have the proper knowledge about the food. 90% of your diet must have unprocessed food if you wish to lose fat and build muscles. If you are already doing this and feeling that this isn’t taking you anywhere then probably, you aren’t eating the healthy stuff. Here is the list of top 10 foods that you think are healthy but are not:

10 Muffins

Item 10

At first you may find the muffins interesting and healthy but these are nothing but cake. We are not referring to the double-chocolate monsters, but the bran muffins. The bran muffins have 25 gms of fats and 600 calories. In reality not all muffins have high bran quantities and thus are low in fiber content. And when we say they are fat-free, you need to be cautious as they have tons of sugar that compensate for fat. If you can’t resist the temptation of having a muffin, pick the one that has sugar less than six gms and five gms of fats.

9 Frozen Diet Meal

Item 9

No doubt the frozen diet meals are super convenient, low in calories and fats. But in most cases these contain high sodium content. This extra sodium can cause increase in the blood pressure and put you at the risk of heart attack. Also, the small portions aren’t enough to satisfy the appetite and often results in over eating. Avoid eating food that has more than 600 mgs of sodium per day. Avoid buying meals that have ‘healthy’ or ‘light’ labeled on them. This often means they are processed and have high sugar or sauce content.

8 Yogurt

Item 8

Well, it is true that many yogurts are actually healthy but the big brands in the market which blabber loud of the healthiness of their product are certainly not! They are bursting with high sugar content. Various kinds of additives are present in them. Yogurts with “fruits in bottom” have a syrupy gel kind of thing in its bottom which outweighs the benefits of yogurt. If you want to be healthy stick with normal plain curd instead of the greens and reds colored yogurt.

7 Artificial Sweeteners

Item 7

Artificial sweeteners are known to have caused cancer in rats in all the laboratory tests. But still we all continue to consume it in mass quantities. Is there not a relationship between cancer in rats and cancer in humans? Or is there a relation? According to the American Diabetes Association, artificial sweeteners are better than the sweeteners and sugar and thus, recommend these for the diabetic people. But studies have revealed that the artificial sweetener can interfere with your digestive system. It can lead to serious metabolism problems. It can also damage to your nervous system. Moreover, by consuming artificial sweeteners can make you addicted to sweet things.

6 Olive oil

Item 6

There is no doubt that olive oil is healthier in comparison to other vegetable oils. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Olive oil is just two grams of saturated fats. There are 14 grams of fats and 120 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, go light on it. It is best to use this oil only in small amount. Try using the one-second spray as it has seven calories only.

5 Canned fruits

Item 5

Who has time to buy fresh fruits these days? Being perishable and more expensive, fresh fruits are rapidly being replaced by canned fruits. Usually canned fruits are packed with fructose corn syrup, sugar and little bit of salt. Fructose syrup can be very harmful for your body. Obviously eating a pinch of canned food won’t kill you but the health level it claims is absolutely fake. Try washing off the syrup before consuming the food.

4 Fat-free snacks

Item 4

At first these snacks seem healthy but in reality have no fiber and thus, you can easily take them in huge quantities. Some fat-free snacks have more calories than the regular cereals. Thus, you end up taking more calories than eating a portion of high-fat foods. It is best to buy the fat-free dip or veggies in small quantities so that you aren’t tempted.

3 White meat

Item 3

No doubt white meat like fresh chicken, fish and turkey are healthier than their red meat cousins, but the form in which you are consuming white meat is very crucial. Chicken is only healthy when you cook it in a healthy manner like baked, boiled or broiled. Also, should trim the fat and skin before consuming it. If you are planning to deep fry it or cook it in butter or ghee then white meat can be as unhealthy as it can.

2 Energy bars

Item 2

You will be disheartened to know that most of the energy bars taken by you are merely jazzed-up candy bars. The energy bars are full of sugar and have more than 200 calories. These are generally small in portion and thus fail to fulfill the purpose of meal replacement. Most of the times you end up eating them after the meal adding to your calorie count.

1 Smoothies

Item 1

Smoothie is considered to be made of pure fruits and protein powder. It is supposed to be healthy. But the truth is far away from this. Smoothie in restaurants is made of ice cream of full fat milk. A little of fruit is added in addition to the fruit syrup to give the smoothie the lip smacking taste. Thus, the drink is loaded with sugar, thus being healthy is out of question. The sugar content metabolizes fat in the body.

These ten food items on the look appear healthy but in reality are not. Therefore it is suggested that before buying the food items read the label carefully and check for the sugar, salt, sodium and other ingredients.

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