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Top 10 lies that men tell women

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-27
Ask any woman on the earth what she hates the most about her man. In most circumstances they will reply that they hate the lies of their man the most. Enquiring several lying men revealed that the basic purpose behind their lies is to avoid confrontation in the very first place. So if you catch your man lying to you, you have a reason to forgive him unless there are other reasons to doubt him. Read on the following list of Top 10 lies that men tell women and check where your boyfriend stands

10 I am single

Item 10

Stay clear of the guy who declares his singlehood within minutes of a first meeting. Chances are that he wants to hook up with you casually. This also includes ‘I don’t have a girlfriend’.

9 I am stuck in traffic

Item 9

This is the most usual excuse that men give when they are running late. Of course women have a reason to believe this as they themselves have got stuck in traffic several times given the current congestive roads. However, this might not be true always and men use this even when something genuine has got them running late.

8 My phone was on silent

Item 8

This excuse is used to screen your calls and may include some lamer excuses like ‘The phone got discharged’ or ‘I was out of coverage area.’ If you get this excuse once in a blue moon, then it is ok, but more than this can be the first sign of infidelity and him avoiding you. You need to keep your eyes open to catch him.

7 I did not drink

Item 7

When will men understand that women don’t need a booze test to tell you that you are drunk. Most women can tell from yards when their men come home after even a single peg of alcohol. Nonetheless it is still used by men to avoid confrontation on the matter. This is one lie that men should stop using.

6 I am scared of commitment

Item 6

Men know that making commitments will bind them and give the women a step over them. Commitment will also make them answerable to their lady. So to avoid hassles, men toss away this statement. Even though there is not much to look into this statement, but if there are other reasons to believe, you can take this lie translating into that he is not too much into you and marriage is a distant dream.

5 I am not with you only for sex

Item 5

This is the most commonly used statement men use to pacify their women. It is true that men like to take sex casually and may like to have it no strings attached. But somewhere in their mind, they may not be mentally ready to lose you. So they use this lie so that they can carry on with the relationship. You can’t say that it is a sure shot lie as he may also have emotional attachment with you.

4 You don’t look fat in this dress

Item 4

Most men when asked ‘Am I looking fat?’ will answer negatively, even when the man inside them is laughing and dying to tell her that the dress has become at least two sizes smaller for her, but they can’t dare to say this. Men use this lie to avoid surge of tears and months of senseless dieting to get back into shape.

3 I don’t mind when you take me out with your girlfriends

Item 3

You need to accept that men hate to go out with your gang of friends. They feel out of place and just want to run away. If he says that he doesn’t mind going out with your friends, probably he loves you too much to say the truth and hurt you. Taking into consideration his feelings, you should make some alternative plans for him while you go out with your friends and boring him.

2 I don’t want to talk about this

Item 2

After a confrontation you can hear almost every man saying this. We can’t really tell if he actually doesn’t want to talk or just wants to end the argument. In most chances, he wants you to come to him when the tempers have lowered and discuss the matter keeping in mind his point of view.

1 This is not as expensive as you think

Item 1

Women have a habit of curbing the expenses of their men while men like to splurge and women should understand this if they don’t want their men to hide the actual cost of the expensive looking items that they have just bought. They say this line to avoid giving you an impression that they are overspending on some avoidable items and are not responsible in managing their money for best and more important uses.

The intention of men behind speaking these lies is not to cause you emotional discomfort. These are just harmless lies when used occasionally. So you should try and give them a little space that they deserve and not confront them on every little issue that comes up in your daily life and relationship.

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