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Top 10 lies that women tell men

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-27
Women are mysterious, enigmatic and have more layers than an onion. This is the reason that most men fail to realize the real woman in their women. Confused? This is exactly how you feel, when you try and figure out more about women. If you think your woman never lies to you, then probably you are probably wrong! From cute little lies to serious ones, women take the help of lies to sustain themselves in a relationship. The motivation to lie might stem from the urge to save her skin, protect her feelings or just to feel safe and secure. Here is the list of top 10 lies that women tell men. So next time, when your woman says these lines, ‘be cautious’:

10 I’ve slept with ‘X’ number of guys

Item 10

In most cases she is rounding down this figure or she doesn’t remember the actual number. A study shows that most women lie about the number of sexual partners they had in past. The reason of the lie might be self-consciousness or the number is higher than your given number. More info

9 I’m fine

Item 9

This is her favorite pick-up line when she is moody and man asks her, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ In most cases the answer is ‘Nothing, I’m fine.’ As per a survey conducted by Science museum, the most popular and common lie told by women is ‘Nothing is wrong, I’m fine’. This is the time men need to be on their guard. In reality it might not concern you at all. There might be something that is bothering her at work front or stress about the kids or may be even your relationship.

8 I want you to go out clubbing with your friends

Item 8

It is usual for men to have the urge to go out clubbing and partying with their buddies without the wife or girlfriends. When you talk about this to your woman, the usual answer that you get is, ‘I don’t mind you going for clubbing and partying with your friends’. Mind you, this line is full of sarcasm and this is said to check whether the man will take this into consideration or not. Women expect the man to read between the lips.

7 It was not expensive

Item 7

When your woman says ‘It was not expensive’, or ‘It was on sale’ in reality it means, ‘It was reasonably expensive’. The woman, who has the habit to overspend, hesitates in accepting this fact. This line helps her gain affection of the male counterparts.

6 I don’t wish to change a thing about you

Item 6

Do you really believe her that she doesn’t wish to change a thing about you? There are tens of things she would like to change after the first flush of romance is over. This lie might only mean that she has not yet made the list of things she wishes to change. The only secret to beat this lie is to know this lie.

5 I don’t care about your bank balance

Item 5

If you believe that women only care about the bank balance of a man, then you are probably wrong! But if a woman says, ‘I don’t care about your bank balance’ that is wrong too. Women need a man who can support them and the potential future family.

4 It is ok if you check out other girls

Item 4

When the woman in your life told you, ‘It is ok if you check out other girls’; you might have felt happy and rejoiced thinking she is open-minded. But hold-on, this is not the case. She will be super upset if she catches you checking out a hot blonde in the mall or the club. Your woman might not be Kate Winslet or Pamela Anderson, but she seeks your attention.

3 It was the best sex experience ever

Item 3

Women know that men’s male egos need a boost, and therefore, after every sex experience most women tell their men, ‘It was the best sex experience ever’ even if they have not had a single orgasm. Women have the skill to hide and conceal things that they don’t like while doing it.

2 Its ok, it happens with everybody

Item 2

This is the second sex-related lie that women tell their partners, to spare the ego of their partner and his feelings. Most men at one point or the other has temporary erectile difficulties and this line is often repeated then. It doesn’t mean that it actually doesn’t matter your girlfriend.

1 I weigh X pounds

Item 1

This is one lie that women don’t tell to you, but to themselves. There is a mysterious relationship between women and weight. If you tell her that she looks great, she might feel offended thinking probably you are bluffing around.

These 10 lies that women tell men are in good spirit only to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Her sole aim is to keep you satisfied and contented with things around you, and at the same time keep your attention.

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