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Top 10 Wedding Songs

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-24
When you're planning your wedding, there is a lot to think about. Who's going to be in the wedding party? Where should we get the cake? The bride spends hours pouring over bridal magazines looking for THE dress; the groom searches for the rings and just agrees with what the bride wants. But there is one thing that both the bride and groom must agree on about the big day: the wedding song. The first dance between man and wife is something that will be remembered for as long as they both shall live, so it needs to be a song they both agree on and both enjoy. Below are our top 10 wedding songs for that first important dance.

10Endless Love - Lionel Richie and Dianna Ross

Item 10

Nothing quite brings home the first dance than two people crooning their endless love to each other. Sure, Richie and Ross were merely acquaintances who were put together to record a song for a strange and controversial movie starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, but the song was a huge wedding hit in 1981. It was also a huge hit for Richie and Ross, topping the charts in 1981. It has been remade countless times, but we feel the first is almost always the best.

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9 Colour My World

Item 9

We don't know if Chicago wrote this song specifically for the wedding season of 1970, but the lyrics read like it was: "As time goes on I realize just what you mean to me. Now, now that we're here, Promise your love That I've waited to share. And dreams of our moments together Color my world with hope Of loving you." Can't get much more wedding dance worthy than that. This if course was before the Peter Cetera era. If we were going a "Top 10 Apology Songs" list, he'd be all over that one.

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8 Always and Forever - Heatwave

Item 8

Another song that seemed to be penned for a wedding, or at least for declaring love between two people. Interesting aside about Heatwave: Rod Temperton, who wrote and sang "Always and Forever," also wrote another song you might have heard of: Michael Jackson's mega hit, "Thriller." The guy can pen a song.

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7 Heaven - Bryan Adams

Item 7

One of Adams' biggest hits, it was not only a huge wedding song in 1985, but it was also the hit of every high school prom in the United States and his native Canada. Because, really, if you aren't still deliriously happy that close to taking your vows, you've got a big problem. You might not even make it to cutting the cake.

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6 Here and Now - Luther Vandross

Item 6

Luther was known for his love songs. Almost every song he wrote could be used as a wedding song. We just happen to really like this one. Released in 1991, it was Vandross' first #1 hit, and won him the Grammy. His songs were also popular on the wedding night. He and Johnny Mathis are responsible for a lot of honeymoon babies.

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5 Can't help falling in love

Item 5

Now, some guys might not have liked the idea of this song being the first dance song, because men don't want to think of their wives thinking about another man. But it's Elvis. And it's a good song. Did we mention it was Elvis and it was a good song? But if the groom is paying attention to the lyrics, he'll realize that Elvis is really patting him on the back for taking the leap. Elvis is on your side, dude.

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4 Always - Atlantic Starr

Item 4

Another couple singing to each other, declaring their undying love...for always. The band scored their first major hit with the song, "Secret Lovers." I guess they felt safe letting the secret out with "Always" in 1987.

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3 All My Life - K-Ci and JoJo

Item 3

Okay, so it might seem strange that a song sang by two men made the list of best wedding songs, but K-Ci and JoJo made it work. It's all in the lyrics, specifically, the chorus: "All my life, I prayed for someone like you. And I thank God That I finally found you." See? It's list-worthy.

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2 From This Moment - Shania Twain

Item 2

Have you ever seen the video for this song? It screams "Play me at your wedding!" Also, the lyrics are almost a repeat of the vows the couple made just a few hours earlier. Yes, we said a few hours. After the wedding photos, with stops at several other locations for more photos, finally making it to the reception and eating, it IS several hours before that first dance. Anyway, the song serves as a good reminder.

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Our number one choice might annoy some. Others might find it completely appropriate. For us, there simply was no other choice...

1 At Last - Etta James

Item 1

The song is a classic. And every newly married couple utters something to the effect of "Finally!," "Glad that's over!" or "At last!" when they are pronounced husband and wife. Might as well dance to a song that says the same thing. Oh, and although we usually believe the first recording of the song is the best recording, we're making an exception here. James was actually the third artist to record this song. In this case, the third time was the charm.

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And there you have it: The Top 10 Wedding Songs. Did yours make the list?

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