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Top 10 Touring Bicycles

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-20
Bicycle tours gained popularity somewhere in the 1950s when tourists in Europe began to realize that there was a better way to discover the real Europe through the tiny back roads on bicycles. Touring bicycles provided them with the freedom to travel at their own pace and stop at the spot that they found beautiful and worth capturing. And above all it helped them to stick to the pre-defined budget. If you’re an individual who seek adventure and like to do things your way while travelling, cycling is probably one of the best options available. Tour bicycles are loaded with features and supplies unlike an ordinary bicycle to make the bicycle tours safe yet adventurous at the same time. Be sure to consider the distance, the kind of terrain, the weight of the load and other such aspects before you set out to buy or rent out a bicycle. To make the best of your bicycle tour, it becomes imperative to know some of the best touring bicycles available in the market. Let’s now take a look at the Top 10 touring bicycles:

10 Trek 520

Item 10

One of the few high quality bicycles which come at a reasonable price is the Trek 520. It comes with all the basic features of a touring bicycle and is good for long tours with a medium-heavy load carrying capacity. This bicycle provides utmost comfort in the upright position and is not sluggish while travelling through rock roads. More info

9 Thorn Raven

Item 9

The Thorn Raven Tour is made of a steel frame, strong 26 inch wheels and Rohloff hub. This is a top line expedition bike and is the company is known for supporting their customers on the road as well as at home. It is one of the best bicycles in the market today and is extremely durable. This robust beauty rides through potholes, thick mud, extreme heat, torrential rains with ease and it is also low on maintenance. More info

8 Bilenky Eco-Travel Midlands

Item 8

This bike comes with a low bottom bracket, which is a traditional design preferred by those who look for style in their bikes. What’s best is that is comes with S and S torque coupler and a hard-shell backpack case to make travel more comfortable for long distances. More info

7 Rivendell Atlantis

Item 7

This bike looks like a bike perfect for a trip around the country side. Bikers love this bike for its versatility and the mature looks which make it a steady travelling companion for long distances. You may feel it to be a little heavy on your pocket, though. More info

6 Marinoni Turismo/Turismo Extreme

Item 6

Robust and sturdy, this bicycle is perfect for long distance travelling primarily because it can carry heavy loads. Downhill travel can be managed smoothly and this world class bicycle also prevents flat tyres due to overheating. If you’re looking to hold on to the bicycle for a long term, then this is the bike for you.

5 Co Motion Americano Co-pilot

Item 5

Here’s another brilliant, reliable and sturdy long distance tourer. The stout frame of the bicycle makes it a heavy load carrier and makes it suitable for travelling on any terrain. It is perfect for cross continental travelling also and since the fork is made out of Cro-Moly steel, which gives it great strength. More info

4 Koga-Miyata Traveler

Item 4

This Dutch-Japanese bicycle has some of the best technology combined to make one super bike. It is used primarily as a road racing bicycle, especially in Australia. Many bikers use this as a city bicycle also. It has front suspension and slick tyres which means easy and smooth travel in a packed, pot-holed city. Some of the features like kickstand, lights, racks, rear bag, fenders, water bottles, and their own trekking handlebar make this bike super hot among the biker community.

3 Kona Sutra

Item 3

This is a perfect bike for mountain biking as it is heavy and can swift through a variety of terrains very efficiently. This bike has a carrying capacity unlike most others and the saddle is extremely comfortable. This is not all even, the handlebars are a delight and bike stays stable even through the roughest of the terrains and the heaviest of the loads. This steel tourer also has mechanical disc brakes. So if you’re looking for some serious mountain biking, do buy this. More info

2 Fuji Tour

Item 2

This bike is one of the most preferred bicycles mainly because it is reliable and sturdy and is well suited for long distance touring as well as every day city roads. It is an extremely user-friendly bicycle. This bike is a classic example of traditional touring bicycle for long distances. Since it comes in 6 different sizes, you can easily find the perfect one for you. More info

1 Surly’s Long Haul Trucker

Item 1

This bicycle is known to be one of the best for loaded tours. It has three water bottle mounts, front and rear rack mounts. It’s not known for mountain biking, it’s the kind of bike you take out on dirt roads or loaded touring over pavements and on gravel. The double butted, TIG welded, steel frame give Long Haul Trucker's plenty of endurance. More info
So pick up your favorite bicycle today and start discovering places like never before!

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