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Top 10 Gin Brands

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-12
Gin is one of the most popular types of spirits available around the world and is distinctive from other varieties of alcoholic beverages due to the use of juniper berries as a common flavoring ingredient. This list looks at the Top 10 Gin Brands.  

10 Broker's Gin  

Broker's Gin originated in 1998, in Birmingham, England and is one of the newer brands of gin available worldwide. Broker's gin is notable for its unique flavor, which is the result of quadruple distillation of wheat infused with ten unique botanicals, and followed by a fifth distillation to produce the final spirit. Unlike most mass-produced gin, which use column stills in the distillation process, Broker's gin is distilled in traditional pot stills to imbue the spirit with a more robust herbal flavor. More Info 

9 South Gin  

South Gin was developed in 2003 by Geoff Ross, a distiller on a mission to craft a gin flavored with ingredients native to his home of New Zealand. This fresh and flavorful gin is notable for its citrus infusion, a less intense juniper berry flavor, and the inclusion of minty Manuka berries and leaves from the Kawakawa pepper tree. South Gin has an alcohol content of 40.2% giving it a gentle strength and useability as a popular gin to mix many varieties of cocktails.  More Info

8 Beefeater

Beefeater Gin was first produced in 1820. This gin is a popular middle-priced gin that has performed very well at a number of international spirit competitions. Beefeater is a gin with a smooth flavor popular as the primary ingredient in a large number of cocktails. In the production stage, grain alcohol is rested with nine botanicals for 24 hours and then distilled over seven hours using an application of slow heat. Since Beefeater gin is distilled only five days a week, the more intensive Friday cuts are blended with cuts produced earlier in the week to create a uniform flavor.   More Info

7 Plymouth  

Plymouth Gin originated as variety of gin that could only be legally produced in Plymouth, England. The Plymouth Distillery utilizes seven botanical ingredients to produce three varieties of gin ranging in strength from 40% to 57% alcohol by volume. Plymouth Gin was the first gin to be specified by name in a book dedicated to cocktails when it was named as the gin of choice for the Dry Martini in "Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them", which was published in 1896. Plymouth was also a popular spirit on American shores during Prohibition and enjoyed such renown during the cocktail era that it was the brand of choice for all 23 gin-based recipes in the Savoy Book of Cocktails.   More Info

6 Gordon's  

Gordon's is a very popular brand of gin in the United States, United Kingdom and Greece, and was first developed in 1769 in London, England. The Gordon's recipe has never been changed throughout its lifetime and the ingredients and distillation methods used to craft the gin today are identical to those used when the first bottle of Gordon's was produced. Gordon's is a triple-distilled gin using three botanicals, juniper berries and a secret ingredient known to only 12 people in the world. Gordon's is the gin of choice in James Bond's favorite drink, the Vesper Cocktail.  More Info

5 Bombay Sapphire  

Bombay Sapphire is produced through triple-distillation, with the vapors passed through a basket containing ten botanicals for a soft infusion of herbal flavor. This brand of gin was first crafted by Bacardi in 1987 and sold in strengths of 40% to 46% alcohol by volume. Bombay Sapphire is praised for its aromatic and floral flavor and is a light spirit ideal for any gin-based cocktail.  More Info

4 Hendrick's  

Hendrick's Gin is blend of two different styles of spirit produced by distillation through two very different types of stills. In the first blend, crafted in a small Bennett still, the grain alcohol is combined with the botanicals and tonic water and allowed to rest for 24 hours prior to distillation. In the second blend, the botanicals are removed from the boiling process and placed at the top of the distillation column allowing only the alcohol vapors, rather than the condensed liquid, to become infused. Hendrick's Gin is noted for its distinctive flavor which is a combination of the blending process and the inclusion of cucumber and rose essence. Decorated with a garnish of cucumber is a popular way to serve this brand of gin.  More Info

3 Magellan  

Magellan Gin derives its name from the explorer, Ferdinand de Magellan, whose 1519 voyage to explore the world resulted in the discovery of cloves, which have become a unique ingredient to this brand of gin and set it apart from all other brands produced anywhere in the world. Magellan Gin is produced by triple-distillation of wheat and spring water, followed by an infusion of 11 botanicals and a final combined distillation to produce the desired spirit. The inclusion of Iris root as a botanical ingredient gives Magellan Gin a unique blue color. This brand of gin is sold only in 44 proof strength.  More Info

2 Tanqueray  

Tanqueray is a form of London dry gin, a spirit produced through double-distillation with botanicals added to the spirit during the second distillation phase. Tanqueray was first distilled in 1830 in England, with production moved to Scotland after World War II. Charles Tanqueray experimented with different varieties of ingredients and a number of distillation methods before settling on a simple four-ingredient base that has remained unchanged since.  More Info

1 The Botanist  

The Botanist is a brand of gin produced by distilling nine botanicals into the alcohol through direct boiling followed by passing the vapors through a basket containing an additional 22 herbal ingredients. The combination of boiling and vapor infusion produces a distinct and aromatic flavor of gin that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. The Botanist is one of the few brands of gin flavored exclusively from natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings added. The still used to craft this gin is an experimental combination column and pot still developed in 1955 for expedient production of a variety of whiskies during World War II, and the only known still of its type in existence. Introduced in 2010, The Botanist brand gin became a worldwide hit and is now the most popular alcohol beverage produced at the Bruichladdich Distillery.  More Info
Even though gin seems like a simple spirit to create, it is easy to see that producers all over the world use different types of stills, different methods of distillation and an amazing array of herbal ingredients to produce this resilient and popular alcoholic drink.

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