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Top 10 Supermarket Chains In The World 2012

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-11
Do you remember the time you had to run from one store to another to collect all the necessary grocery and other important things for your home? It was such a pain and taxing job. But with the commercialization, supermarkets set it. These made the lives of the people lot simpler as now everything was available under one roof. This fact can be well established from the fact that several supermarket chains have opened up across the globe. However, only few remain hot favorite with the people. Read below the top 10 supermarket chains in the world 2012 and the reason behind their success.

10 Woolworths Limited (Australia)

Item 10

Woolworths Limited is an Australian retail giant, founded in the year 1924. It has an extensive supermarket business across Australia and New Zealand, under several brand names, including Safeway, Flemings, Food For Less, Macro Wholefoods Market, Woolworths online and Thomas Dux Grocer. All of these cover almost every possible line of products ranging from petrol to liquor to electronics to home improvement. More info

9 Winn-Dixie (USA)

Item 9

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is based in Jacksonville in Florida and was founded in the year 1925. With approximately 485 stores across Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, this supermarket giant boasts of having a revenue of around 7 billion US dollars. Some of its brands include ‘Thrifty Maid’ for value items, ‘Winn & Lovett’, ‘Kuddles’ for the baby products and ‘Chek’ for the soda products. More info

8 IGA Inc. (USA)

Item 8

Founded in the year 1926 and presently headquartered at Chicago, Illinois, the product line of IGA Inc. includes general grocery, bakery products, frozen foods, sea foods, meat products, liquor, dairy products and even batteries. It is presently active in over 30 countries and is considered as one of the top supermarket chains in the whole world. More info

7 J. Sainsbury plc (United Kingdom)

Item 7

This is the parent company of one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, known as Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited. Sainsbury’s occupies as much as 16% of the total supermarket share in the UK and is headquartered in the London city. It was founded by the Sainsbury couple in the year 1869 and saw rapid development during the Victorian times in UK. Sainsbury recently created history by opening its thousandth store in Scotland in November, 2011. Sainsbury product line is so advanced that 20% of its product are its ‘own-labels’. More info

6 Rewe-Gruppe (Germany)

Item 6

Rewe-Gruppe was founded in 1927 and is presently headquartered at Cologne, Germany. This supermarket chain is easily counted amongst the top supermarket chains of the world. Its vast line of products includes grocery, home improvement, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, optical as well as clothing. Rewe-Gurppe stores can be found in as many as fourteen European countries, providing employment to more than 325,000 people. More info

5 Royal Ahold (Europe)

Item 5

Royal Ahold boasts of being an owner of more than 3000 supermarket stores across Europe and USA. It is still counted amongst one of the leading supermarket retailers in the USA. Some of the brands which can be associated with Royal Ahold are Schuitema, a Dutch food and retail brand as well as Albert Heijn, the popular food retailer of the Netherlands. More info

4 The Kroger Company (USA)

Item 4

Founded at Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1883 by Mr. Bernard Kroger, the Kroger Company is now one of the largest supermarket chains in not only the US, but across the world. Over the last couple of decades, the Kroger Company has vastly expanded by acquiring popular brand names, including those of Owen’s Market, Hilander Foods, Scott’s Food and Pharmacy and Pay Less Food Markets. It proudly boasts of having approximately 3,500 stores which are operated directly or indirectly (through subsidiaries). These stores are largely spread out across Middle, Western and Central United States. More info

3 Nakumatt (Africa)

Item 3

Nakumatt is essentially a supermarket chain based in Kenya, with over 27 stores across the country. With subsidiaries across Uganda and Rwanda, it provides employment to over 4000 people. The CEO of this African giant supermarket chain, Mr. Atul Shah, was named amongst the top 50 business leaders by the popular Authoritative Financial Communications. More info

2 Safeway (USA)

Item 2

Founded in the year 1915 by a young M.B. Skaggs, Safeway developed from just a small grocery store on the fundamentals of providing value to customers and narrow profit margins. The success story of Skaggs becomes more evident, when by the end of the year 1926, he had opened almost 428 stores across ten states. Almost two years later, Safeway was listed at the New York Stock Exchange. At present, there are more than fifteen hundred Safeway stores across US and Canada. More info

1 Tesco (United Kingdom)

Item 1

Headquartered in Chestnut, United Kingdom, this global grocery store is one of the largest supermarket chains in terms of revenues and profits. It was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Tesco stores can be found across all continents, ranging from Europe, Asia and even North America. Even though it was set up only for food and beverages, Tesco has drastically branched out, not only in geographical terms, but also in terms of products, which now include electronics, clothing, health care, home improvement and even financial services. More info

So, now wherever you go, you know where to go for your grocery and everyday need shopping. These Top 10 supermarket chain in the world 2012 will help you shop all you need for your comfy survival.

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