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Top 10 best samsung galaxy tab covers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-07
As the self-proclaimed head-to-head competitor for Apple's iPad family, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a sleek, powerful lightweight tablet that packs a punch. Powered by a dual-core processor and running on Android OS, the Tab is affordable enough to make it accessible while costly enough to make spending a few extra bucks on a decent, protective cover worthwhile.Samsung Galaxy Tab covers are available in a variety of prices, styles and colors, with bargain-basement utilitarian models starting at under $10. Shoppers with money to burn can find Tab covers that cost over $150, with most covers falling into the $30-$50 range. Here's our picks for the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Tab covers:

10 Qubits Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Gel Skin

For under $10 this gel skin case provides cash-strapped consumers and tightwads with basic protection for their spanking new tablet. If you've maxed out your credit card buying the Tab, this case gets the job done for about the price of a meal deal at your local drive-thru. It's thin, lightweight and cheap. The snug-fitting, slightly grippy black gel material helps protect the Tab from scratches and scrapes while allowing users to keep a secure hold on the device. This is a handy feature when using your tablet on overcrowded buses or while standing in a packed bar trying to look busy. More info

9 Samsung Book Cover Case 

This Samsung-branded case has an integrated easel stand that allows use of the Tab in both vertically and horizontally. Build from an impact-resistant hard plastic, this case features extra padding on the corners and is custom-molded to ensure a perfect fit, it retails for $59.95. This ultra-functional cover says "look at me, I'm using my tablet to do some really important stuff" even if you're actually just playing Angry Birds like the rest of us. More Info

8 Bodyguardz Galaxy Full Body Protection

Bodyguardz are billed as ultralight "full body protectors" for tablets and other mobile devices; invisible scratch-proof clear skins that offer the same (or better) protection than traditional cases and covers do, while allowing full access to all controls. These clear protectors are virtually invisible once applied and cost about $29.95. Bodyguardz are like transparent force-fields for tablets, appealing to exhibitionists, minimalists and techno-junkies who don't want to hide their Tab inside a traditional case or shell. More Info

7 CandyShell Samsung Galaxy Tab Case

Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, the CandyShell from Speck is a form-fitting one-piece flexible shell for the Samsung Galaxy Tab that combines a hard back with a rubberized lining to protect against impacts. There is a raised screen bezel to help shield against screen damage along with integrated button covers. Retailing for $44.95, the CandyShell comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. As the name implies, the CandyShell is glossy, flashy and fun. Depending on where you plan on using your Tab, this case can either make you look upbeat and carefree or leave your colleagues thinking you stole it from an 11-year old kid on your way to work. More Info

6 Case-Mate Venture Case

With an M.S.R.P. of $50, this form-fitting faux-leather case serves double-duty as a stand for your Tab and allows the tablet to be charged with the case closed. The Venture has impact-resistant padding to help protect your tablet from the occasional bump, and the refined styling makes this cover a good choice for users who prefer an ultra-conservative look. More Info

5 Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series 

Billed as a line of "rugged, durable and affordable" cases for the Galaxy Samsung Tab, these colorful, industrial-styled covers are made with back rubberized backs and multi-colored screen borders paired with a clear screen protector. Targeted squarely at the weekend warrior crowd, these cases are great for jocks and outdoorsy-types. Priced at $49.95 for standard versions; $59.95 for the camo-green military edition. More Info

4 Yooboa

The Yooboa is a book-styled flip case that with a 100% leather exterior and a microfibre lining. Offered in both black and tan with white topstitching, this executive tablet case features an integrated dual-level stand and carry handle. The Yooboa retails for around $50, and many users comment that it has the look and feel of a case that should cost over $100, making this a great choice for folks who like to play "guess how much this costs; no really, I paid way, way less than that, what'd you pay for yours? More Info

3 Snugg

The Snugg is a popular PU leather case for the Tab that includes cut-outs for the rear camera and elastic handhold strap-great for tablet users who like to moonlight as citizen videojournalists. The interior is padded with nubuck fiber and a velcro closure ensures a tight fit for your tablet. $29.99. More Info

2 ZAGGfolio

The ZAGGfolio is an all-in-one case, cover and removable bluetooth keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This faux-leather black case has a microfiber lining and an integrated stand that allows for both vertical and horizontal placement of the Tab. The included bluetooth keyboard allows users to turn their Tab into a mini-laptop computer, making it easy to justify your tablet purchase, "look, it's just like a Netbook now!" The ZAGGfolio retails for $99.95 and includes the folio, bluetooth keyboard and a USB to micro-USB cable. More Info

1 Fitfolio

Topping our list of the best covers for Samsung's Galaxy Tab is the Fitfolio from Speck. Crafted from vegan-friendly fake leather (Alec Baldwin would approve) and padded with a soft microsuede lining, this folio-styled cover includes an integrated stand and a bungee to keep the case securely closed. The Fitfolio is the Honda Civic of tablet covers; practical, well-designed and moderately priced without being cheap. Priced at $39.95. More Info

With the wide variety of cases and covers that are available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, users should have no difficulty finding one that fits both their personal style and budget while providing protection for their mobile device.

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