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Top 10 Hottest Places in the World

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-01
While many of us are able to make the most of changing seasons, there are some parts of the world where the weather is startlingly hot all year round. In these places the chances of dehydration are high, and the number of inhabitants are low. Here are the ten hottest places in the world:

10 Mali, Africa

Mali, Africa frequently reaches highs of around 104 degrees farenheit with very little respite for those who live there. In addition to this, it is one of Africa's most impoverished countries, and has experienced bouts of economic decline over the last few decades. Despite Mali being filled with natural resources, including gold and uranium, those who live there often suffer due to the poor economy, as well as the stifling heat that makes agricultural development hard.

9 Arizona, USA

As one of the most western states of the US, Arizona often reaches 107.2 farrenheit. Despite its scorching climate, Arizona is the 16th most populated state in the US, and is home to deserts that rest predominantly in the south. Although it comes in at number 9 on this list, Arizona does experience snowfall on some of its mountains in the north. It is thanks to Arizona's modern towns and cities that residents are able to escape the baking sun.

8 Kalahari Desert, South Africa

Each year the Kalahari Desert continuously hits temperatures of 110 degrees farenheit and above. Unlike many other areas of the world, it only sees rainfall of around 3 inches annually. There was once a time where the desert received enough water in the form of a delta that runs to the south for it to be richly populated with wild animals, but due to climate change, its animal population is rapidly declining.

7 Tirat Tavi, Israel

Also known as Tirat Tsvi, this Israeli area is also home to a highly religious population. The locality frequently reaches highs of around 116.6 degrees fahrenheit, which makes it unbearably hot for those who need to go outside.

6 Tunisia, Africa

Anyone who pays a visit to Tunisia will soon find that most of the population stay well covered when they are outdoors, and they have good reason to do so. Although the sun shines calmly enough to produce temperatures of 89 degrees fahrenheit most of the year, there are times where it reaches 122. The majority of the country is made of the Sahara desert, with the remainder being made of fertile soil. Although Tunisia is incredibly hot, it is a popular tourist destination, particularly for Europeans. 

5 Dallol, Ethiopia

As one of the most remote places on earth, Dallol consistently maintains temperatures of 94 degrees fahrenheit. Although that is not as remarkable as the past four places, it is the fact that the temperature rarely alters that earns Dallol a spot on this list. Close to Dallol is a volcano which has only been dormant since 1926, but could still erupt at any time.

4 Oodnadatta, Australia

Australia is most famous for its cosmopolitan cities, so it is no surprise that not many people have not heard of Oodnadatta. There are times when Oodnadatta reaches highs of 123 degrees fahrenheit, and despite that, the town has a population of just under 8,000 people. The town's focal point is the Pink Railhouse, which provides local inhabitants with a general store, postal facilities, petrol, and fresh meats. It is thanks to the town's remote location that the Pink Railhouse acts as a central part of the local's lives.

3 El Azizia, Libya

El Azizia is the capital of the Jafara district in Libya, and is just 40 kilometres west of the country's capital, Tripoli. Although temperatures remain hot and stable throughout most of the year, there are times where they exceed 133 degrees fahrenheit. Despite the fact that it is stiflingly hot, El Azizya has a population of over 280,000 people.

2 Dasht-e Lut Desert, Iran

As the world's 25th largest desert, the Dasht-e Lut Desert in Iran has been recorded as reaching 159.2 degrees fahrenheit at its hottest point. Not surprisingly, the desert is barely populated, and only ever plays host to nomads who need to pass through to cooler areas of the country. The desert is 51,800 square kilometers, and occasionally water runs down from the Kerman Mountains, providing the animals that live there with a little cooling respite. 

1 Death Valley, California and Nevada, USA

In at number one is an area of the US that very few people venture to. Death Valley stretches across the states of California and Nevada, and it takes our number one spot for its constant 133 degrees fahrenheit temperature. Due to its relentlessly hot climate, Death Valley has salt basins, which have developed as a result of salt water resources evaporating in the heat. There was once a time when Death Valley was home to the Timbisha Tribe of Native Americans, but now very few people live there. Today it is mainly populated with wild road runners which are among a handful of animals that can withstand the heat.
 So now you know where the top 10 hottest places on earth are! If you do fancy pushing your body to its absolute limits by visiting them, pack some sunscreen, stay hydrated, and run for the hills if the sun shines on you for too long.

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