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Top 10 iPhone autocorrect fails

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-31
Since the birth of the iPhone, getting perfect spelling on each SMS and message is easy thanks to its auto-correct function. Despite auto-correct being a useful tool for many, it can also produce hilarious outcomes by changing the wording in messages. From announcing that you have consumed kids TV characters, to telling someone you like to sleep alongside their feces, the iPhone is capable of sending some horrendous texts. Here are 10 of the funniest iPhone auto-correct fails:  

10 "I ate a nutsack"


In at number 10 is the case of Brandon, a young man trying to tell his friend that he ate a short stack of pancakes. When Brandon was asked what he had for breakfast, iPhone auto-corrected it to "I ate a nutsack," then sent it as I ate a "short staff," before finally writing "I ate a short stack." Poor Brandon's friend must have had some pretty horrific images running through his mind when he received that message. Fortunately, he was able to reassure his friend that he had every intention of consuming a normal breakfast.

9 "It's called period red"


When you message someone to find out what color they have been painting your home, "period red" will probably be the last thing you expect as a response. Unfortunately for Jake, his iPhone auto-correct changed "Persian red" to "period red," leaving the recipient of the message in stitches. It's a good thing that this message sender's taste in paint is a little less grotesque than it first appeared.  

8 "I'm sleeping with that s*** you left in the bathroom" 


The iPhone has made sending cute messages to the ones we love that much easier, but its auto-correct function can often change the meaning entirely. When Charlie was messaging his girlfriend, rather than sending "I am sleeping with that shirt you left in the bathroom," he sent "I am sleeping with that s*** you left in the bathroom." He even told the poor girl it smelled like her. Fortunately he managed to correct it; let's just hope she read it before reacting badly so that the poor guy could set a more romantic tone.  

7 "La dazzlers came and did the barbecue game"


Sometimes auto-correct doesn't produce rude results, but it can leave the message recipient in a state of absolute confusion. When Luke attempted to text his wife to say "the landscapers came and did the backyard again," iPhone corrected it to "the la dazzlers came and did the barbecue game." Not surprisingly, she was very confused upon receiving the message.  

6 "A deal on baby black kids"


 Most people who fancy a rack of ribs for their dinner will immediately think of baby back ribs, and the mom who sent this message was no different. When sending the message however, iPhone's auto-correct had different ideas, and decided to announce that there was "a deal on baby black kids at the store." Luckily this mom had no intention of purchasing children from her local store, and did head out to buy baby back ribs.


5 "She's a little terrorist"


When mom's affectionately describe their children while alluding to the idea that they are naughty, very few would describe them as budding terrorists. Thanks to the iPhone auto-correct, this well-meaning mother's message was sent as "she's a little terrorist," rather than "she's a little terror." Fortunately, the child in question is not destined to head down the terrorist career path.  

4 "Sure but I need cocaine"



We all need an energy boost from time to time, and usually it comes in the form of caffeine. For this one iPhone user, auto-correct decided that instead she needed a dose of "cocaine." Thankfully, she made it clear that she was indeed intending on meeting her friend for coffee, not a secretive drug swap.  

3 "I told dad about the problem with the speedo molester"


 It's not often that you hear of someone having a problem with a "speedo molester," but iPhone's auto correct decided that this young man was facing just that problem while he was messaging his mom. Rather than telling her he was having problems with his "speedometer," he announced that he was irked by a "speedo molester." Mom saw the funny side, and realized that her son's speedos were not being molested.


2 "Ask for an execution" 


Being tardy and skipping class will build a bad reputation for anyone in college, but for this one student iPhone decided her punishment should be harsh. When questioned by her friend about missing a class, she replied with "Will have to ask for an execution," before changing the word to "erection," and eventually "extension." Hopefully she received her extension and was not executed. 

1 "It's official I ate Dora the Explorer"


Now Dora the Explorer isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this one iPhone user appeared to have taken her dislike for her to a whole new level. Rather than telling her friend that she "hates" Dora the Explorer, iPhone made her announce that she "ate her." Let's hope the recipient wasn't a young child or avid fan; they would have been a bit upset. As embarrassing as these messages are, hopefully iPhone will continue to produce hilarious auto-correct fails so that we can all be entertained by them!

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