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Top 10 Cigarette Brands

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-26
Although smokers are being treated like second-class citizens in many parts of the world, smoking is still legal, and many people still smoke. They might be huddled together outside of their workplace on a cold February afternoon, or excusing themselves from a party every 15 minutes to light up, but they're still smoking, God love 'em. There are hundreds of name-brand cigarettes on the market world-wide, and even more off-brand and generic types, but everyone has their favorite brand. We've compiled a list of the top 10 cigarette brands. Most of them are primarily found in the US, but there are brands that you can get in other countries as well.

10 West Cigarettes

Owned by the British company Imperial Tobacco, they can be found in 90 different countries in the world. However, they cannot be purchased in the UK or Ireland. They are produced in Germany. They come in shorts, longs, menthol, and non-menthol versions. More info on Wikipedia

9 Prime Time

It might seem strange to include a cigar on this list, but in case you didn't know, "cigarette" is French for "little cigar," so Prime Time cigars have the right to be here. Whether you think they're cigars shaped like cigarettes or cigarettes that resemble cigars, they are growing in popularity. They come in many flavors, including cherry, grape, chocolate mint and regular. More info on official site

8 L&M

Abbreviated from Liggit and Myers, L&M cigarettes are all the rage in Europe, Asia and the Arab nations. They have only been available in the United States since 2007, even though they are produced by the Altria Group, Inc., the company formerly known as Philip Morris. You can get them in menthol and non-menthol varieties. More info on Wikipedia

7 Parliament

The best cigarette for cocaine users (if you believe the rumors). Parliament cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris and come in both regular and menthol varieties. They are popular throughout the world, including Asia, the United States, Japan, India, Turkey and Russia. They are different from most cigarettes because they have a recessed filter, which is how the cocaine rumor got started. More info on Wikipedia

6 Lucky Strike

Did you ever hear the phrase, "Smokin' a Lucky?" Well, these are the smokes the people were talking about. One of the oldest manufactured cigarette on the market, the first Luckies were produced in 1871. The orignal Lucky Strike pack was green, but when World War II broke out, the company switched to the now recognized red, white and black pack. More info on Wikipedia

5 Pall Mall

Named after a popular street in London, Pall Malls were originally produced to attract upper middle class Londoners. When the company was sold to American Tobacco, they became one of the most popular cigarettes in the US. More info on Wikipedia

4 Winston

Believe it or not, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble used to do commercials for Winston cigarettes. Yeah, that Fred and Barney. In the 50s, celebrity endorsements for cigarettes were very popular, and a kiddie cartoon was no exception. Think about it, back in those days, the family used to watch television together, so even though it was the kid's show, mom and dad were probably watching too. But it's still hard to picture Fred saying, "Yabba dabba doo!" with a smoke hanging out of his mouth. More info on Wikipedia

3 Newport

Unlike other cigarette brands that created a menthol version of their cigarettes later, Newport did the reverse. The menthol cigarette pre-dates the non-menthol. Newports are the #1 brand for African-American smokers and you can't pick up an Ebony or Jet without seeing at least one advertisement for the brand. More info on Wikipedia

2 Camel

Camel cigarettes used to have a cartoon camel on the pack whose name was Joe Camel. However, the company which produce Camels, R.J. Reynolds, was forced to remove him from the packs and all its merchandise because it was thought that Joe was meant to appeal to children. And we can all agree that advertising cigarettes to kids is a bad thing to do. But even without the cartoon camel, plenty of people still smoke the brand. Enough to make it the runner-up on our list. More info on Wikipedia

And now, without further ado, the most popular brand of cigarettes is…

1 Marlboro

Is this a shock to anyone? Marlboro is one of the most popular brands throughout the world. Although it no longer sports the Marlboro Man on its packet, people who choose Marlboro still buy into the wild west attitude. Even with the unflattering nickname of "Cowboy Killers," Marlboro Reds are still the most popular and purchased cigarette in the world. More info on Wikipedia

And there you have it -- the top 10 brands of cigarettes. We're sure one of your favorites is on the list. However, since we are in no hurry to get a stern letter from the Surgeon General, we have to remind you that smoking is bad for you. It could cause cancer, low birth weight in babies, can complicate pregnancy and make your fingers all yellow and icky. And yes, sometimes, kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray. However, we draw the line at showing you some obscenely graphic photo of what you lungs might look like after 50 years of smoking, or people talking through a device in their throat. Just consider yourself warned: If you don't smoke, you shouldn't start, and if you do smoke you might want to consider quitting.

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