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Top 10 Romantic Films Of 2011

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-26
If you just feel good when you watch a romantic movie, these top 10 romantic movies of 2011 will be worth watching. If you haven’t watched any of them yet, arrange for your partner to join you and have a great romantic time watching one of these movies. If you are feeling depressed or too stressed out with your routine, cuddling up in front of a romantic movie is sure to relieve your stress. Or if you have a partner and want to spend some quality time with him or her, consider getting a romantic movie and watch it together. Especially, if the movie has comedy scenes in it, it is just double the fun.

1Jane Eyre

If you never read the novel, you should definitely watch this movie. It is the best in this genre. It has a really interesting story of an orphan who was sent to an orphanage by her aunt and raised up there. Being a grown up woman, she is hired by a rich man as a governess for his daughter. The chemistry between the master and the governess will definitely make you feel good. And the mystery surrounding the story will keep you absorbed till the end.

2 What’s Your Number?

This romantic comedy movie will relax you and will also give you a few good laughs. The story revolves around a woman who suddenly realizes that she is going to be a lonely old woman and so she starts to look out for the best man from the men she dumped in her past. The search is for the best ex in her life which makes it a perfect combination of romance and comedy.

3 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Whether you like vampires or not this romantic fantasy film is going to captivate you for sure. Based on the Twilight novel series, this one is a treat for the fans of the novel. But even people who haven’t read the novel found this movie to be a masterpiece in the romantic genre.

4The Art of Getting By

This movie is based on a teenage couple. Although the story is similar to other romantic movies, it has something unique about it. The movie stars Emma Roberts, who has definitely done a good job here. The story revolves around a guy who is quite strange and also lonely. A girl, who also has a complex personality, gets attracted to him. It gives you a few good laughs too.

5 Just Go With It

If you are in the mood to laugh out loud, watch Just Go With It. Although the movie is criticized for being a little lame and lacking originality, it still did very well in the theaters and was loved a lot by fans. The movie stars the popular Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It is the perfect combination of romance and comedy.

6One Day

Based on the widely acclaimed novel of the same name, One Day is definitely a movie to watch. Starring Ann Hathaway and Jim Strugess, both of whom have a huge number of fans, there is no doubt the movie did well at the box office. It has a really interesting story which is also different from all the other movies in the same genre. It tells the story of a young man and woman who meet every year on the same date.

7 Friends With Benefits

With excellent chemistry between Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, this movie is worth watching. It will give you many laughs and will also keep you interested in the story. The story is about two friends who have been friends for a long time and are now thinking about taking their friendship to the next level.

8Larry Crowne

One thing which is best about this movie is that it stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. This is a love story which packs many great laughs and a really intriguing story. The story is of a man who loses his job and decides to reinvent himself by joining community college. This is when the fun and the romance begins!

9 Crazy, Stupid, Love

Starring Ryan Gosling, this movie is sure to give an excellent time to the audience. The hero played by Steve Carell is a very simple person and finds the need to change himself after divorcing his wife.


Also featured in our top 10 funny movies article, it is especially the movie for girls and women to watch. The story revolves around a girl who is getting married and all her best friends are given the responsibility of being her bridesmaids. While there is tension between the bridesmaids in the effort to be the closest to the bride, there is also romance going on between the main character and a cop.

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