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Top 10 best colognes for men

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-26
They say that the clothes make the man, but in some cases it is the cologne that stands out above all else. If you are looking for a great smelling cologne to attract the ladies then you have come to the right place. Read on for the top 10 best colognes for men this year.

10F by Ferragamo

It is well suited for a day at work. This scent has a pepper and lavender zing to it that will have the women in the office flocking around your desk all day long and well into overtime at night. F is well worth the money that you will spend on a bottle and the container is masculine as well.

9 Kenzo Homme Woody

It is for the man who has a little bit of the woods in him. It has a very distinctive woodsy scent with just a hint of mint and basil to counteract. If you are an outdoorsman then this cologne will soon become number one on your wish list.

8 Jack Black “JB”

It is for the type of man that works in a traditional office atmosphere. It has a fresh aroma without being overwhelming to the senses. Nothing is worse than walking into the office and everyone there smelling the same way that you do. This barbershop scent will let you keep your independence without overpowering the entire building.

7 Narciso Rodriguez limited edition

It is the perfect cologne to make the transformation from the office to the club. Narciso is a scent that is layered with musk upon musk. If you want your intentions to be clear when you go out for the night, wear this cologne and you will be fighting the women off you before dawn.

6 Gucci Guilty Intense

The name says it all. If you intend to go out and dance until the sun rises then this is the cologne you want to be wearing. The scent starts out as a lemon and lavender, and then quickly gives way to the stronger smells of coriander, neroli, patchouli, and the underlying scent of cedar. If you want to drive the women wild and end the night with the two of you alone, then you will want to grab a bottle of this scent before you head out.

5 Bond No. 9 New York Andy Warhol

A little commercial we know, but it is still a perfect scent for a night on the town. What this has to do with Andy Warhol, we have yet to discover, but the cologne itself packs a whopper of a punch. The smells of musk sandalwood and vanilla bean come in second to the prevailing scents of jasmine, citrus and patchouli, then climaxing with subtle notes of cypress and bergamot. You might not be a fan of Andy Warhol, but you have to love the cologne.

4 Cartier Declaration

It is the perfect cologne for those black tie events that you are required to attend. It doesn’t take but a dab of this strong cologne to release its warm cedar and cardamom scent. It has a sophistication that will have you actually enjoying any formal event you have to attend.

3 Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot

The cologne that is perfect for a formal occasion but it is a bit more masculine than others of its kind are. The name tells you that there will be an abundance of Bergamot combined with cedar and woodsy tones as well. Wear this cologne when you want to go home with a cell phone full of available women’s phone numbers at the end of the night.

2 Victorinox Swiss Army Unlimited

Not an army knife it is a cologne and a great smelling cologne at that. It is a scent for the rugged with its smell of Alpine fir trees, absinthe, and genepi liquor. This cologne is for the macho man in all of the rugged Swiss army types out there and will help with the ladies as well.

1 Ben Sherman

The number one cologne of 2012 and will help you make that shift from formal too casual and sporty. Every man needs the perfect cologne to wear when he is out doing “manly” things, Ben Sherman is that cologne. Okay, so most men don’t wear cologne to play football or work out in the gym, but with this cologne, you might start. The scent is crisp and zesty with underlying tones of coffee, hay, and vetiver. These scents complement the smell of musk, nutmeg and white lemon and prop up the smell of tangerine and bergamot that reaches the surface of this amazing cologne. If you want to score on the field then this is the scent for you.

These best smelling colognes of 2012, aren’t only the colognes of the year, but just might be some of the best colognes of all time as well. It’s been the year of unexpected pairings, like mint and basil with wood and musk with everything in between. The pairings have worked well and many men, as well as their lady friends, have been pleased with the combinations. It makes you wonder what is in store for next year’s scents.

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