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Top 10 RuneScape Private Servers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2013-11-05
This top 10 list will attempt to show some of the best RuneScape Private Servers. They are great in many ways, some focusing on PvP, while others on all types of content. The best is to try them all and find the one that suits you the best.


Item 10

This is quite an old Classic RuneScape server founded in 2009. It is fairly popular internationally and constantly updated. The server offers a stable and lag-free connection. RSCEMULATION has a decent community and a reasonably high player base. More info

9 SilabGarza

Item 9

SilabGarza is a well-populated private server with 24/7 uptime. The server has all the available skills and an operational economy. They offer fast training and a PK system. Their server is mostly lag- and bug-free. More info

8 DeviousPK

Item 8

DeviousPK is a server that focuses on PvP content. They have a “Spawn PK” system. The server is reasonably popular and the staff seem professional. Server rules are strictly set, and anyone violating them should expect a ban. More info

7 GrinderScape

Item 7

This server has 5 different worlds. They provide a very complex content; including dungeons,a decent economy, all available skills and lots more. They did a good job in excluding bugs and creating mini games to entertain their players. The server’s community is very active. More info

6 Fatality614

Item 6

This is a PK server that is very similar to DeviousPK, but with a larger player base. They have a duel arena system for hardcore PVP players. This is one of the most popular PK servers for RuneScape. More info

5 SiriusX

Item 5

SiriusX is a surprisingly active server that offers loads of content to progress through. They offer clan wars, mini games, and a 24/7 uptime dedicated server that provides players with a stable and lag-free gameplay. More info

4 Project Decimate

Item 4

This is a decent private server with numerous activates for RuneScape fans. The server seems quite stable with a high uptime. Almost all of the available content is present on Project Decimate with some extras like duel arenas. More info

3 GodzHell

Item 3

Is claimed to be one of the best private servers out there. They offer servers in both Europe and the US. Their servers are stable and dedicated. The staff are very helpful, just like their huge community. All available content can be accessed on GodzHell. More info

2 UltimateScape

Item 2

This server is quite unique and internationally popular. They implemented lots of extra content to their stable servers. This server definitely deserves second place on this Top 10 list for its uniqueness and enormous community. More info

1 Soul Split 2

Item 1

This is probably the most popular private server that RuneScape is played on worldwide. They have thousands of players, great events and an enormous content. The GMs are very professional and helpful. The server’s community is similarly amazing to other RuneScape servers. Soul Split 2 is the well-deserved winner of this Top 10 list. More info

This Top 10 list was dedicated to the RuneScape Private servers. There are many that weren’t mentioned on the list, but these are the ones that, in my opinion, deserve to be on it. Feel free to comment on this article and post your own experiences with Private Servers.

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