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Top 10 WoW Private Servers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2013-06-04
Private servers are quite popular choices for MMO players to test out games before purchasing them. People often choose them to belong to smaller communities and enjoy various events that are common on private servers. These are some of the best ones, considering population and popularity.


Item 10

WoWBEEZ is one of the oldest private servers out there. They offer decent support for their community. Their server currently supports all versions except Mists of Pandaria. The server’s population is quite good and they seem very helpful.

9 Pandashan

Item 9

Pandashan is one of the very few private servers that supports the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The server has a high and constant population. Pandashan offers a good player support and very few bugs.

8 WoWTemple

Item 8

The server has an instant level 80 system. It currently supports the WoTLK expansion. The GMs offer lots of in-game events for both PvP and PvE. It is a high population private server that is very often updated.

7 Heroes – WoW

Item 7

A private server that offers a level 255 level cap. They promise lag-free servers, lots of events and constant updates. Most of the content is available on this well-populated private server. They also implemented their own custom instances.

6 Dispersion

Item 6

This private server has separate realms including instant level 80 realm and instant level 255 realm. All raids and other instances are operational along with the PvP content. They have a very high uptime and an expert staff to aid the players.

5 TauriWoW

Item 5

Tauri is a Hungarian WoW Private server. They are very popular and offer innovative server features. They have an amazing population and most of the content is fully working. They offer various PvP events to further entertain their solid player base.

4 LastWoW

Item 4

LastWoW is one of the most populated private servers that run the Burning Crusade expansion. They offer arena seasons and all of the Burning Crusade content. The server is lag-free and quite popular. They have a very complex arena rating system.

3 WoW-One

Item 3

This is a very popular private server that runs Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade on seperate realms. They are very popular for their Vanilla server as many hardcore palyers claim it to be the best version of the game.

2 OmegaWoW

Item 2

OmegaWoW is a private server running the Wrath of The Lich King expansion. They offer loads of PvP and PvE events including special weekend events. They have a steady and high population; and the server is mostly lag-free.

1 Molten-WoW

Item 1

Molten private server is the winner of this Top 10 list. They are one of the most popular private servers and probably the one with the highest population. They offer secure and lag-free servers and a lot of interesting events. Their staff is very professional and helpful.

The servers I listed above are all great, and are a good way to test WoW. Official servers are most likely to offer better quality of service with some exceptions, but cost more for the player. Feel free to comment and post your own experiences on this topic.

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